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Steam Showers

We are Distributor for Ariel Platinum Products

Whether you’re searching for a steam shower, whirlpool tub, lavatory vessel, sauna, shower enclosure, Ariel Platinum Products product have the option for you. From style to line Ariel Platinum Products product fabricates, oversees and distributes steam showers and tub product to customers throughout the USA. we have a tendency to are ready to provide the very best quality of expertise and style at a, particularly competitive worth.

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When you plan to upgrade your lavatory you’ll notice a world of potentialities currently offered with fresh designed free-standing Ariel Platinum Products Steam showers. They’ll take your bathing expertise to a replacement level and convey the house spa a reality in your own residence.

When you need the simplest in showers you have got found it with these luxuries Ariel Platinum Products steam showers that are made of Tempered Glass all around. These steam showers are actually the simplest of Steam showers. however still reasonable and top quality.Thermostatic pressure-balanced taps for even temperatures.

Built-in stereo with color chromotherapy lighting.
Aromatherapy ports to customize your expertise for health and mood edges. All showers are manufactured from tempered glass 1/4 in. thick.
All panels work through commonplace doorways.
Considered the Ariel Platinum Products product of showers in quality and state of the modern style. All the products ARIEL included a warranty.