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Shower Base

Shower Base

Shower Base | Acrylic Shower Base

Currently, Acrylic shower base is not uncommon. In a short time, they triumphed over their cast iron and pressed steel counterparts, having amounted to a worthy competition. Acrylic Shower Bases have indisputable advantages, so many people decide to buy Acrylic Shower Bases. This kind of plumbing is made from a polymeric material such as poly(methyl methacrylate) or organic glass. The polymer has high strength and wears resistance.

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The advantages of acrylic bathtubs

The acrylic product lasts for more than 15 years without losing its aesthetic appearance. Chips, cracks, stains or other defects do not form on the surface of the Shower Base. A significant advantage of the Acrylic Shower Base is its lightweight. Standard Acrylic Shower Base weighs about 30-50 lb, while the product that is made of cast iron is 5 times heavier. The transportation and installation of the Acrylic Shower Base are much easier.

The Shower Base assortment is broad and is not limited solely to rectangular models. The selection of models that the buyers are offered is square, round, oval or triangular shape products. The acrylic surface is smooth, non-porous, so it does not stay on the dirt and does not breed bacteria. It never loses its shine nor does it tarnish over time, as the color is fused at the time of the manufacturing process and is not painted on the outside. The Shower Base is easy to wash and easy to always keep clean.

Note: it is not recommended to clean an Acrylic with abrasives to avoid scratching the surface. If for some reason scratches do appear, they are easily removed by polishing or by application of a liquid Acrylic. An important advantage of the Acrylic Shower Base is the low thermal conductivity of the polymer. Our online store newbathroomstyle.com offers buyers acrylic plumbing, optimally combining high-quality manufacturing process, environmental protection, convenience, excellent decorative features and an attractive price.