Modern electric towel warmer is easy to install and simple to use in accordance with the needs of the family. For it, you only need to choose the best place on the wall or on the floor. Right next to it must be an electrical outlet. The heating temperature and the duration of use can be set independently. The towel warmer for the bathroom is recommended to disable when unnecessary. Although, many innovative models are equipped with a timer or a thermostat that turns off the device by heating it to a predetermined temperature. This allows you to save on energy costs.
The color scheme of the TOWEL WARMER is also varied. If the TOWEL WARMER is chosen the same color along with the accessories, they will not break the unity in the interior, but instead will allow drying several things at the same time.
So, in each apartment, there must be a towel warmer, the price of which in our virtual store varies widely. Each owner will be able to choose the device that best fits the overall interior of the house and will not ruin the family budget. For example, TOWEL WARMER made by company AMBA, which will not take up much space in a small bathroom or, on the contrary, will complement a vast empty space. We only need to remember that the bathroom is an area which every member of the family visits and everything in it is to be tastefully furnished so that there is always a convenient and comfortable stay.



Amba towel warmer the old conception of a towel warmer as a set of cast iron pipes for drying clothes is long gone. Now it’s a refined and elegant element of the interior of the bathroom. That is why when choosing a towel warmer, it is important to remember not only its practical applicability but also to pay attention to its aesthetic properties.

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  • Amba Towel Warmer Quadro 2033

    $1,100.00 $880.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Quadro 2016

    $620.00 $496.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Sirio 2942

    $1,300.00 $1,040.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Sirio 2933

    $1,100.00 $880.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Sirio 2921

    $870.00 $696.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Sirio 5721

    $1,900.00 $1,520.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Sirio 2142

    $1,170.00 $936.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Series 2133

    $990.00 $792.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Sirio 2121

    $710.00 $568.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Traditional 2536

    $880.00 $704.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Traditional 2534

    $660.00 $528.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Jill B004

    $380.00 $270.00
  • Amba Towel Warmer Jill B003

    $300.00 $210.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jill B002

    $239.00 $161.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jack D006

    $330.00 $240.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jack D005

    $290.00 $213.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jack D004

    $240.00 $168.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Solo 33

    $330.00 $231.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Solo 24

    $275.00 $192.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves L Straight LSP40

    $1,060.00 $848.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves K Straight KSB-30

    $1,000.00 $800.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves J Straight JSB-20

    $660.00 $528.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves F Straight FSB-20

    $740.00 $592.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves I Straight ISB-20

    $540.00 $432.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves H Curved HCB-20

    $490.00 $392.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves H Straight HSB-20

    $440.00 $352.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves D Curved DCB-20

    $1,470.00 $1,176.00
  • Amba Towel Warmers Jeeves D Straight DSB-20

    $1,330.00 $1,064.00
  • Amba Jeeves E Curved Brushed ECB-20

    $970.00 $704.00
  • Towel Warmers Jeeves E Straight ESB-20

    $880.00 $660.00

Showing 1–30 of 32 Result