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Bathroom Accessories

On our web store everyone can choose original, interesting and useful accessories for their bathroom.

Soap dishes for the bathroom can be ceramic, glass, in the form of a plate, with bars. Typically, all of the soap dishes are attached to the wall.The glasses can be made hardened frosted or clear glass and come in many shapes. Cup holders (single or double) are usually made of brass with nickel-chrome plating; they are fixed to the wall.

Shelves for bathroom are usually made of glass and are with or without a rim. Fixings are made of metal and are of different configurations. Hooks for towels and clothing can be made of stainless steel or brass with nickel-chromium coating. They may be single, double or for even three or more objects.

Collection of brushes is presented by ruffs and toilet brushes. Ruffs are usually suspended in a special glass cups fixed on the wall. The toilet brushes can be both suspended and stationary.

Liquid soap dispensers are another popular and interesting accessory. These hanging dispensers are of all shapes and sizes.

Toilet paper holders are mounted on the wall. The design of such holders may also be quite diverse. In addition, they can be horizontal or vertical and even have a special compartment for the air freshener. Towel bars are also mounted on the wall can be single or double, in the form of rods or rings, and also in the form of a shelf or hook.

So, you are probably convinced that modern bath accessories can be original and practical. Choose them with us!

In our online store you can buy the right accessories for bathroom and toilet.

If you have any questions to us don’t hesitate to call and come to our store. We are open daily.

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