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Wide Medicine Cabinet


 Wide Medicine Cabinet For A Large For Your Bathroom

It is impossible to imagine a bathroom without such an interior item as a medicine cabinet. Hygienic and cosmetic procedures are often carried out in the bathroom, so there may be increased requirements for the cabinet in this room (size, lighting, location, etc.).
If a large cabinet in the corridor is an advantage, then a wide medicine cabinet with a mirror in the bathroom is not always appropriate. We will look at two sides of the same coin: the advantages and disadvantages of a large bathroom cabinet.

Wide Medicine Cabinet | New Bathroom Style

 Arguments for placing a large cabinet in the bathroom:

A spacious room is a direct path to finding a large cabinet with a mirror. If the bathroom is not limited to 70-120 square feet, then you can choose a larger mirror without any extra thought. Such a choice will visually increase the space even more, while a small mirror would look somehow lonely and modest. Usually, wide medicine cabinets with mirrors come in a rectangular form and are placed over washbasin.
It should be borne in mind that when placing a large rectangular cabinet above the sink, it is necessary to adjust it in size to the dimensions of the washbasin itself and the countertops around it (if any). Otherwise, the asymmetrical composition will look strange and completely ugly.

Wide Medicine Cabinet | New Bathroom Style

 A wide medicine cabinet hides flaws

 Indeed, the presence of a large mirror in the bathroom allows you to hide design flaws. The mirror attracts all attention. This feature of wide medicine cabinets with mirrors is emphasized by interior designers. Therefore, if it seems to you that the current design is not as good as you would like – buy a large and wide piece.
As for the location, not only the area above the sink but also the wall adjacent to the bathroom will be suitable. But, there will be constant contact of the mirror with water, which will make you often clean the mirror surface and return it to its usual novelty.
It Is possible to install few large and wide medicine cabinets in a large bathroom. This can be a combination of a wide rectangular medicine cabinet with mirror above the sink and a full-length mirror on the opposite wall (as an example). The mirror room always looks luxurious. In this case, it is better to install cabinets that have no frames around the mirrors. Frames can ruin the interior and overall design of the bathroom. An exception may be the bathroom, decorated in the Baroque style. A little gilding (but only a little) does not hurt here. In any case, start from the interior of the room itself, which has already been created with the help of furniture and other accessories.


Arguments against placing a large mirror in the bathroom:

If the bathroom is small, then choosing a large cabinet is really not entirely appropriate. It will stand out from the general style and interior, and even “swap” free space, which can be used to place additional shelves, pedestals, etc.
Mounting a large cabinet with a mirror is not easy. If it’s enough to use a common mounting style to install a small mirror, but a large cabinet simply won’t hold on to it. Here you will already need self-tapping screws and a sealant along the edges of the cabinet to create additional protection.
If you do decide to install a large mirror cabinet in your bathroom, try to place it away from water. So the surface will remain new and moisture will not negatively affect the structure of the material.
Create coziness and comfort by choosing a cabinet that best matches the interior and takes into account the dimensions of the bathroom.

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