Why choose wooden flooring while renovating your house?

 Wooden flooring while renovating your house?

There’s nothing quite like getting down to the nitty-gritty of renovating your, or somebody else’s home. Whether you choose to do so for the sheer joy of bringing a fresh look to an old building. You’re looking to make a sound investment; the type of flooring in which you choose for your building is crucial. Oak Flooring from, for example, is one hugely popular flooring choice.
Throughout history, wooden flooring has remained the cornerstone of the Your home. A fashion trend which promises not to fade away anytime soon.
Besides looking perfectly beautiful, wooden flooring can be more advantageous than you might think. If you were to choose engineered wooden flooring, for example, you may be pleasantly surprised. Although some people are put off by the thought of having engineered flooring installed, there are various advantages to be had by choosing the floor.

Unlike other choices of flooring which are available, due to the extensive manufacturing process in which engineered. Flooring is made, engineered flooring does not expand or contract due to different heat temperatures.

As well as this, engineered flooring is also highly durable which means that it has a high resistance threshold to moisture, making it perfect for rooms containing high levels of humidity such as basements and bathrooms.

Unlike popular belief, engineered flooring does not lower the price of your home; it merely maintains it.

Thanks to a recent survey, it was found that houses containing hardwood flooring would actually sell faster than those without.

As engineered flooring consists of one strip of the flooring material of your choice, rather than a single plank of wood, this means that less wood is used for the floor and consequently, fewer trees have to be cut down, making engineered flooring great for the environment. As already stated, engineered flooring is highly durable which means that if it is well looked after; it can last for decades and be enjoyed for generations.

Once that you have chosen your wonderful new wooden floor, all you then have to decide is whether you want to undertake to install the floor yourself or as to whether you wish for trained fitters to do it for you. Although the prospect of fitting your own floor may seem quite outlandish, it is a task that more and more people are beginning to undertake. As engineered flooring makes use of a revolutionary click and lock system, it is a relatively easy job to undertake. All you need is a small selection of tools (a nail gun for instance, if you choose to nail the floor rather than glue). A sheet or two of some underfloor layering, and you are good to go. Of course, it’s not quite as easy as that but there are many informative blogs and videos to guide you along the way.