Which bathtub is better to choose

Which bathtub is better to choose: the advantages and disadvantages of all types of bathtubs:

 Which bathtub is better to choose: the cast iron bathtub. A Bathtub made of cast iron has only two disadvantages: it is too heavy, and from this material it is very difficult manufacture shaped products. In addition, such bathtub is expensive. In all other respects it is fully superior to all other types.The advantages of cast iron bathtubs include the following:

The advantages and disadvantages of all types of bathtubs:

  1. With proper care, cast iron bathtubs can last a very long time (tested in practice!).Their weak spot is the enamel which will eventually darken and crack. To extend the life of this bath there are three ways: apply enamel,to restore it over the old coating, use new acrylic coating over the old oneor to use the technology “bathtub in bathtub”.
  2. Low thermal conductivity.If anyone had the time to evaluate the possibilities of iron and, for example, acrylic bathtubs, they probably noticed that in a cast iron bathtub the water cools much slower.
  3. unlike other types of bathtubs, cast iron ones do not resonate with water stream and do not make loud noises that can be heard throughout the apartment, and sometimes even by the neighbors.

All these benefits can be considered invaluable, but cast iron bathtub are still considered a thing of the past. And all of this is happening because of the same disadvantages of acrylic, steel and composite bathtubs that can be easily compensated with the mounting foam.

Steel bathtubs: advantages and disadvantages

Everything is relative.And steel bathtubs are no exception. In order to answer the question how to choose a bathtub, you need to compare the benefits of a steel bathtub with a cast iron bathtub and within acrylic one.

Let’s start with the advantages.

  1. Light weight, which allows you to install a bathtub by itself.
  2. The relatively low cost. This is the cheapest bathtub for engaging in water procedures.

On that note its benefits end and disadvantages begin.Some of them can be compensated, while others, among other things, cannot be fixed. Specifically, we can highlight the following shortcomings of the steel bath.

  1. They cool down quickly. This disadvantage is eliminated by using foam.
  2. It makes noise when water is filled. It is also eliminated by using foam.
  3. The thin steel from which this type of baths is made will rust quickly, even if you care for this product. These bathtubs are short-lived, and such a disadvantage is beyond repair.
  4. The types and sizes of steel bathtubs do not vary that much.If you want to buy a steel corner bathtub, you might as well not continue to develop this thought because these bathtubs are made in rectangular shapes only.
  5. Well, are you willing to put up with this situation? Or do you buy a steel bathtub as a temporary solution to the problem?Remember, there’s nothing more permanent than a temporary
  6. In the next article the experts talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various types of bathtubs and answer the question: “how to choose a bathtub?”

Acrylic bathtubs: a variety of designer solutions

If you plan to install scorner or curly bathtub in your bathroom, your eyes should be fixed on acrylic products, because such bathtubs are easy to form into almost any shape.Acrylic bathtub shave no incorrigible shortcomings.So, if you’re faced the question of what material will be better for your bathtub, your answer will be “acrylic.” Why? It’s simple to figure out and is easy to see by examining all the disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs. These include the following:

  1. Cools down quickly. In the acrylic bathtub the water cools down slower than in a steel one.If you want to make it an equal with the cast iron one, the bottom and sides should be blown with foam.
  2. It’s noisy when you fill it with water. This disadvantage is also eliminated by the method of blowing the foam.
  3. Flexible and seemingly unreliable. Yes, that’s right – you can blame of the properties of acrylic and the thickness of the bath in regards to that. It should be immediately noted that this is only a visual perception – in fact, the acrylic bath is reliable and is able to withstand not only the weight of the water, but also the adult submerged in it.This effect is eliminated by proper installation.In addition, the acrylic bathtub must be installed on its legs. Additionally, it is necessary to “fasten” the hooks to the wall while resting the bottom on the entire plane – this is done by using brick masonry.There are no disadvantages of acrylic bathtub, instead there are benefits in the long term operation and relatively simple care.By the way, did you know how to quickly and easily eliminate the shallow scratches from the surface of acrylic? You just need to polish the damaged area with a piece of felt. You do not need to apply any pastes and polishes because these tasks are carried out on a dry surface.

Signs of a quality bathtub: The three important characteristics

The appearance and the characteristics of the material from which the modern bathtub is made still do not assure a guarantee that you will get a really good product of this type.Unfortunately, such thing as the attitude of the manufacturer towards its products has not been abolished.In order to choose a really good bathtub, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of its manufacturing process.There are three signs of a quality bathtub that you to need to pay attention to in the first place.

  1. The thickness of the walls of the bath. This is relevant primarily for acrylic and steel products.The thinner the material, the worse is the quality of the bathtub. It is simple with metal. It is the same in all places of the bathtub. But with the acryl things are a little different – typically, these bathtubs have a thick bottom and sides.They are not worth to pay attention to, what’s important is the thickness of the walls in other places. The bigger it is, the better. Ideally, the thickness of the side curves and the rest of the bathtub, must be the same, except for the bottom.
  2. The thickness of the enamel or acrylic coating.It can be seen in the installation place the drain siphon.Here it is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis, as no salesman will not give you the correct information.Just compare the thickness of enamel or acrylic at seemingly the same bathtubs, having a significant difference in price.
  3. Well, the last thing you need to pay attention to while answering the question of “how to choose a quality tub?”, is for the installation elements. A good quality bathtub comes with legs.If we’re talking about the acrylic vessel, it is better to give preference to the bathtub on a metal frame.

At the end of this topic “which bath to choose,” I would like to pay some attention to the so-called combined bathtub. A brilliant representative of such products are bathtubs made of acrylic and glass.They look very impressive in large and spacious rooms. As a rule, they are stylish, unlike any other bathtubs.