Where to Buy Bathroom Faucet? Best Sellers in 2020

Such a simple matter as the choice of a faucet for the shower or bathroom, in fact, can be confusing. After all, the model range, design, functional features, and simply the design of the faucets is huge.

It is important to understand that a faucet is a device for mixing cold and hot water to the temperature you need.

Different types of faucets are used for the kitchen, bathroom and shower. Therefore, if you are doing renovation in the bathroom, it is important to choose the right faucet specifically for your needs.


Home Depot Bathroom Faucet

To wash your hands and face or rinse some things, a large spout is not needed, so sink faucets are usually smaller. The most common type are those that are installed directly on the sink. If a sink is installed in the bathroom, the faucet can be built directly in it or mounted on the wall so that the stream of water is directed into the sink.

When choosing a faucet, be sure to consider the size of the sink and the length of the spout: with a short one in a large sink, it will be inconvenient for you to use it, and a long spout in a small or non-standard sink will spray water. Ideally, the spout outlet should be above the drain hole.


If you need water of the required temperature to remain for some time in the sink itself, you should buy a faucet with a pop-up drain. You can control the drainage of water from the sink using a special switch, which is located behind the base of the faucet.

Choose a convenient unit in Home Depot as they have a huge collection of chrome bathroom faucets. It is also reasonable to consider another store, for example, New Bathroom Style – bathroom supply store in Brooklyn, New York. The best collection of bathroom furniture in NY and competent sales managers will help you to make the right choice.

Dowell Bathroom Sink Faucet Model 8001-019-10 White And Black Finish

Wayfair Bathroom Faucets

Wayfair faucets collection is wide enough and has many innovative models. For example, to save water consumption, they offer a non-contact faucet, which will automatically turn on the water when you bring your hands to the spout and turn it off after a while. Another device – a temperature regulator (mechanically adjustable during installation) will avoid the risk of burns with too hot water, blocking its flow when the peak temperature is reached.


A faucet with a hygienic shower can be a convenient alternative to a bidet. Any model of a hygienic shower allows a person to perform all the necessary procedures to comply with personal hygiene rules. In addition, using this device, it is easy to draw water into any containers. Various modifications are possible: a combined version in which a hygienic shower is mounted on the wall, and the faucet itself is placed on the sink, or a separate small watering can with its own water supply and control knobs.

You may also take a look for some unique units in New Bathroom Style – bath supply store in New York. Affordable prices and the competent manager will make your choice easier.

Blossom Single Handle Lavatory Faucet White And Chrome F01-106



New Bathroom Style Bathroom Faucets

Important factors when choosing a faucet for the bathroom are the shape and length of the spout, the number of mounting holes, the presence of an additional showerhead. The spout can be long, medium length, and short. Which option to choose depends on the distance from the wall to the side of the bathtub or bowl of the sink. It also depends on the features of the planned use of the device and individual preferences. The suitable design of the will be provided on the style of the interior of the bathroom, the shape of the sink, and the wishes of the owner.

Also, when buying a faucet, it is worth evaluating its additional functions.

When choosing a bathroom faucet, you need to consider many factors and nuances. But the main thing is not to save on quality and purchase products from reliable manufacturers, paying attention to the functionality and ergonomics of the proposed models.

As New Bathroom Style store has the most convenient and the widest collection of bathroom fixtures and faucets, it will be one of the best places to buy your perfect bath accessories.

Blossom Single Handle Lavatory Faucet Chrome F01-108-01

Lowe’s lavatory faucets

Your best choice of bath faucet depends on your needs in use. You may take into account all the conditions, where the unit will be installed. Thanks to the wide collection of Lowe’s bathroom faucets you can find there any type of faucet you wish. If you need it for a bath and shower at the same time, then the most common option is a model with a spout and a shower hose. Such a faucet is usually mounted on a wall, and with the help of a switch, water is supplied to the spout or to a showerhead.

A faucet with a long spout will be needed if you use one faucet per bathtub and a nearby sink. This model has a long swivel spout, which, if necessary, can be directed in any direction.             

If the bathtub is free-standing or has a non-standard shape, an external bath faucet is ideal for it. A tall, thin metal column in combination with it will look very impressive in your bathroom. The floor mixer traditionally includes a complete set of equipment: a spout and a watering can for the shower, which is mounted on a special holder.

Fans of stylish things should pay attention to the faucet with a cascading spout. It is not only very practical, and will fill the bathtub in a matter of minutes, but even the small man-made “waterfall” itself looks quite original.

Often cascade faucets are equipped with a backlight that changes color depending on the temperature of the water, which will appeal to lovers of exotic even more.

Some of the other modern faucets are presented in New Bathroom Style – bat showroom in Brooklyn. Unlike Lowe’s, this store is specialized in bathroom furniture and hence can offer more convenient and cheaper alternatives.

Labaro Brass Single Hole Bathroom Faucet Chrome Finish

Costco bath faucets

In modern apartments, instead of bathtubs, or in addition to them, in the presence of free space, shower cabins or corners are often installed. If this applies to your bathroom, then you need to choose a shower faucet in which there will be no spout for water itself, but only the outlet for the shower watering can hose and/or showerhead. This model is usually mounted on the wall.

Flush-mounted faucets are used to save space, and simply for a better aesthetic appearance. Only the faucet control mechanism remains visible, and all communications are hidden in the wall.

A wide collection of Costco bathroom faucets can offer you any of these models. It is a convenience store as it has many departments in different states. However, the big is not only the best. That is why we also recommend you to look alternative and visit the New Bathroom Style online store or showroom. They also offer a great collection of Blossom bathroom faucets with good quality for affordable prices.

Blossom Single Handle Lavatory Faucet Chrome Finish F01-118-01_


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