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Places to buy bathroom vanities

Modern interiors are becoming more and more functional. Every year, designers propose to focus on practicality when arranging the house while not neglecting “beauty.” However, now the aesthetic component of the renovation is not a useless decoration. Today, designers choose the correct plumbing and furniture, which both look stylish and carry a functional load. Orientation towards freedom of space and unclutteredness also play a role – manufacturers of bathroom items offer to combine several interior details in one, thus saving space and money, because together, as you know, it is cheaper. 

One example of this combination is a vanity with a sink and a medicine cabinet. It performs several functions simultaneously:

  1. interior design – immediately attracts attention because it serves as a beautiful decorative part of the bathroom design;
  2. practical – combines the functions of a sink, storage system, mirror;
  3. economical – it does not take up so much space as the individual parts of such a kit could take.

Manufacturers offer many options for washbasins with a cabinet. How to choose the optimal model and not be mistaken? To begin with, study the proposals and focus on a detailed examination of those that meet your requirements for the appearance of the product, the material from which it is made, the size (and this is important, because the kit should fit in the bathroom).

What are the advantage of installing a bathroom vanity?

Why clutter up the bathroom with a cabinet when an attractive interior can be created without it, using a simple wall-mounted sink? Yes, such solutions will help to hide communications, a siphon, pipes. Still, they will not solve another problem – creating storage for cosmetics, cleaning products, washing powder, brushes, towels, and other items that you cannot do without in the bathroom. A sink with a cabinet has been created for these purposes – a convenient container for all necessary bathroom accessories.              

What do you get when you buy a sink with a vanity unit:

  1. 2 in 1 interior item – both furniture and plumbing (and if there is also a mirror in the kit, then already 3 in 1);
  2. storage space for accessories and cosmetics;
  3. saving money – no need to close pipes in the wall and buy several furnishings;
  4. saving space – there is no need to place additional shelves and racks in the room;
  5. aesthetic appearance – a bathroom with a cabinet always looks more advantageous than without it.

The cabinet under the sink will store towels, shampoos for the whole family, washing powder, cloths, napkins, sponges. Plus – nothing of the content will be lost because each item will place on the shelf or in the drawer. The chances to drop and break anything from cosmetics or household chemicals will be minimal.   

The cabinet allows you to hide pipes and a siphon, if you wish, to place a washing machine or a basket for dirty linen in it. An excellent solution for thrifty homemakers – more space and less visible unsightly objects.


How to choose a sink with a vanity unit?

                Many consumers still believe that a sink with a cabinet is the owner of spacious bathrooms in which large-sized furniture can be placed. But manufacturers refute this opinion entirely, offering a massive range of furniture with built-in sanitary ware for bathrooms of various sizes.

What are the advantages of choosing a wall-mounted vanity?

One of the most popular options is a wall-mounted washbasin with a vanity unit, which will perfectly fit into the interior of any bathroom. This sink has undoubted advantages:

  1. can be suspended at any height;
  2. there is free space under the unit, which simplifies cleaning;
  3. the contents of all the boxes are easily accessible because you don’t have to bend over to the floor itself;
  4. you can’t hit your toes while standing in front of the sink.

One of the disadvantages of such a device is the complexity of the installation. The installation will have to be given a little more attention than placing the vanity using the floor method. Wall-mounted models are attached to the wall using dowels or a particular frame. It is essential to ensure that the division can withstand the load (especially when using false walls).

What are the advantages of the free-standing sink with a vanity unit?

Floor-standing models, unlike hanging ones, do not cause difficulties during the installation. The units are placed directly on the floor, leaving no gaps between the furniture and the floor covering. For the convenience of cleaning under the bedside table, you can choose a model with legs. Just make sure of the quality and reliability of these elements. The sink itself can be installed on the cabinet in several ways – built-in or overhead. Both the first and second options look nice and differ in functionality.

Comfortable and classic: 48-inch sink with a vanity

Another popular model is the 48-inch vanity. This size of the furniture is considered significant and makes the cabinet not the best choice for placing a small area in the bathroom. But in a spacious room, such a model will be beneficial. With its help, you can eliminate the need to use additional cabinets and shelves for storing cosmetics, household chemicals, accessories. A wide sink with a vanity unit looks stylish and can become a central part of the interior.

How do choose dimensions for a sink with a vanity?

Which sink with a cabinet to buy – the answer largely depends on the area of the bathroom. It would help if you did not buy too wide furniture for placing in the bathroom of an ordinary building apartment. Because in addition to the functionality of the curbstone, you should also remember that there will be a person in the room, and there should be space for his maneuvers. A cabinet up to 20 inches wide is considered small, over 48 inches – is a wide one. Furniture with a width of 24 – 36 inches is suitable for installation in medium rooms. If you choose a model that has a wider countertop than the sink, it can be used as a dressing table for placing cosmetics. If the countertop does not allow installing bottles and jars on it, you can buy a hanging shelf for these purposes. 

Is a small sink with a cabinet an ergonomic solution?

In a small bathroom, you should buy a small sink with a vanity. Compact solutions can be used in spacious rooms, but it should be understood that in a large bathroom, a modest vanity will simply “get lost” and will cease to be the central part of the interior.

For arranging small rooms, it is convenient to choose a hanging sink with a cabinet and a mirror. To leave even more space free, consider proposals in the form of corner vanities. Such cabinets are made in the shape of a trapezoid, they are practically built into the corner of the room, they do not take up much space, while they differ in the sufficient depth of the drawers. A corner mirror can be positioned on one of the walls or have the same angular shape, creating a veritable maze of reflections.

When choosing a sink with a vanity unit for a small bathroom, make sure that the furniture will open freely. Opening the doors or pulling out drawers can interfere with the door to the room, plumbing, walls. Be sure to make the appropriate measurements before purchasing.

How to choose a sink together with a vanity unit?

The size and type of furniture fixing is not the only criterion for choosing a sink with a cabinet. It is equally important to choose the right product in terms of quality, and in particular, the type of material used for production. Moreover, you should study both the material for the cabinet and for the sink.

Which material is the best for a vanity with a sink?

What material should the furniture be made of? The bathroom is a room with high humidity. This means that the furniture in it must be resistant to moisture; otherwise, the appearance of mold and mildew cannot be avoided, as well as a reduction in the operational life of the product. When choosing a chipboard cabinet, make sure that its entire surface, both external and internal, is supplemented with a special coating that does not allow moisture to pass through. Alternatively – PVC film or varnish.

Natural wood is also used by manufacturers to create bathroom furniture. The scheme of actions is the same – make sure that all facades, walls and boxes are well protected from moisture penetration into the material. Repairing wooden furniture will be expensive, and it will not always bring the desired results – a cabinet without proper protection can be drastically damaged.

In addition to traditional materials – wood and chipboard, cabinets are made of stone, glass, metal. Stone products are very demanding on the surrounding interior details – they must fit the interior. Maintenance that is more careful will be required for glass cabinets, because on such a surface traces of water and drips immediately become visible. Metal cabinets are reliable and durable, but they are expensive, and the requirements for the interior, with this choice, are no less than when deciding to buy a stone cabinet.

Pay attention to the fittings – the greatest load is on it, and the hinges and handles are no less susceptible to moisture than the cabinet itself.

What material can the sink be made of?

There are many options:

  • ceramics;
  • acrylic;
  • metal;
  • Glass

Stone sinks are expensive and look luxurious. However, if the overall style of the bathroom does not correspond to this style, it is better to abandon the excessive chic in one detail. Choose a classic – ceramic or earthenware sink. They are cheaper, easy to clean and look beautiful. In addition, modern sinks are available in a wide variety of shades, colors, and shapes. You can buy a round or square sink, an oval, bowl, cube-shaped washbasin in red, black, gold.

Should I choose a vanity with or without a mirror?

A sink with a cabinet can be presented in several sets – with or without a mirror. The first solution is more profitable because when buying a 3 in 1 item you save money. And you can’t do without a mirror in the bathroom.

It is worth choosing a cabinet without a mirror in cases where the place for installing furniture does not make it possible to place a reflective surface above the sink. In such a situation, the mirror can be bought separately, but it should be borne in mind that it is above the sink that is the most convenient area for fixing it.

Should I buy a lighted mirror for a bathroom?

Manufacturers delight customers with a variety of shapes and sizes of mirrors. To get the maximum effect of beauty and practicality of the product, check out the LED lighted options. They can be made in any shape and size, with or without a frame. The main selection criterion is the individual preferences of the future owner. 

Any sink with a cabinet can be bought in New York at a huge discount! 

Why should I buy bathroom vanity online?

The price for a sink with vanity is not the lowest, but such fashionable furniture can also be bought cheaper than on Amazon or Home Depot. At the same time – to reduce not only financial costs, but you also may consider saving time spent on the search for a model, its purchase, and delivery to the installation site. To do this, you should use the services of an online store – New Bathroom Style.

Modern online shopping helps to solve several problems at once – to choose the filling for the bathroom at a convenient time for the buyer and from a convenient location for him. The only requirement is Internet access. A sink with a cabinet in New York and any other state can be ordered with delivery – online store New Bathroom Style provides such a service. Another plus of remote shopping is the ability to compare several models you like in a relaxed atmosphere, having all the information about them before your eyes.

Before choosing which sink cabinet to buy in New York or your state, decide for yourself what exactly you are looking for. Consider the smallest details, including the type of fittings, the number of shelves and drawers, the size and shape of the sink, the mirror. Knowing the initial search parameters, it will be much easier to find the product you are looking for.


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