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What things cannot be stored in the bathroom 1

What things cannot be stored in the bathroom


They have no place here

Our day begins and ends in the bathroom, so most of the things we are used to are stored here no longer surprises anyone. Books, medicines, cosmetics, towels – all this has long found its rightful place in the bathroom, but few people know that such a location of objects causes irreparable harm, both to themselves and to the owner. To avoid this outcome, check out the list of things that don’t belong in the bathroom.

What Things Cannot Be Stored In The Bathroom


Most book lovers read their favorite works wherever they can. And in the bathroom as well. After all, what could be better than the moment when you lie in warm, relaxing water and at the same time plunge into the next adventures of your favorite heroes? However, there is one “but.” A book lying in the bathroom for at least a few days will be hopelessly ruined. Moisture will ruin the pages, buckle the cover and never look attractive again. Therefore, before taking the book to the bathroom, think a few times about the consequences.



Seeing this item, many will be surprised. Where else to store towels, if not in the bathroom? Of course, it is convenient that they are always at hand, and you do not have to run after them to another room after the hygiene procedures. But, experts say warm and humid environments can cause bacteria to grow, so try to avoid placing towels on a hook or in a bathroom cabinet. It is best to follow this algorithm – wipe off and send the product to the wash.



Not all women have a dressing table at home with a large mirror for preparing beauty in the morning. Most prefer to apply makeup in the bathroom. At the same time, many do not know that manufacturers of decorative cosmetics categorically prohibit storing such products in rooms with high humidity. This is especially true for such makeup products as blush, shadows, powder. If they are not kept in a dry, cool place, they will quickly deteriorate and not perform their direct functions.

What Things Cannot Be Stored In The Bathroom


Favorite perfumes are loved ones so that you want to use them as long as possible. Alas, if they are kept in the bathroom, this dream will not come true. Under the influence of high temperatures and high humidity, they rapidly deteriorate. If you do not want the perfume to lose its original scent and turn into a “grandma’s” cologne, leave the perfume on the bathroom vanity or the shelf in the hallway.



Raise your hand, those who have ever dropped a chain or ring into the sink drain? We think there are many of you. Therefore, we strongly advise against taking off the jewelry in the bathroom and leaving it on the sink before bathing. In addition, precious metals such as silver are susceptible – when exposed to moisture, they quickly darken and lose their original appearance.

What Things Cannot Be Stored In The Bathroom


A first aid kit is an item that is stored differently for everyone. Someone places pills in the bedroom, someone in the kitchen cabinet, and someone prefers to put Advil and Aspirin on the shelf in the bathroom. And the last option is the most dangerous. Medicines react sharply to humidity and temperature changes. After spending some time in the bathroom, they, at best, will cease to function, and at worst, they will cause irreparable harm to health. Therefore, remember that medicines must be stored in a dark, cool place, which is not affected by moisture.


Shaving accessories

As much as the manufacturers of razors persuade that their products are made of stainless steel, they should not be trusted. Even the most “stalwart soldier” will deteriorate under the influence of moisture. Although you may not notice rust at first, you will feel for yourself that the sharpness and quality of the razor have significantly deteriorated. Therefore, we advise you to keep spare blades, trimmers, and electric shavers in the bedroom or the hallway in a locker. This way, you will have a guarantee that they will not fail prematurely.



People bored of taking water procedures in silence carry their phones and tablets with them, thinking that nothing wrong will happen if they watch a movie in the bathroom or listen to music for 15-20 minutes. Alas, gadget units are resistant to high humidity, so a prolonged stay in such an environment will lead to their breakdown. If you do not want to throw out a tidy sum to buy a new tablet, then it is better to take paper magazines with you to the bathroom, which you can donate in the name of fighting boredom.

What Things Cannot Be Stored In The Bathroom

Bed linen

If your closet with bedding is in the bathroom, urgently move it to the bedroom. Due to the increased humidity level, duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases will lose their softness, freshness, pleasant aroma, and will acquire a damp smell. In addition, moisture can build up bacteria on your bed linen, which can harm your health.


Makeup brushes

We have already mentioned lovers of makeup in the bathroom. Now let’s approach this issue not from cosmetics but from the side of tools for applying makeup. Many people know that bacteria, dust, and dirt accumulate on brushes’ bristles if they are not cleaned in time. However, women still ignore the cleaning procedure, and as a result, they become the culprits of acne and irritation. If you forget to wash your brushes after applying makeup, then at least keep them in your bedroom, not the bathroom, because the increased humidity will encourage bacteria to grow rapidly.



Together with towels, this item causes the greatest bewilderment. But we are now talking about bathrooms in which the bathroom is combined with a toilet. Scientists argue that storing a toothbrush in such a room can adversely affect its owner. The reason is simple – when the water is drained into the toilet, bacteria enter the air and get on the hygiene items. Therefore, take care of a unique cap for your toothbrush, or store it in another area, such as the kitchen or bedroom.



You cannot store combs in the bathroom for the same reason as toothbrushes – they are considered one of the favorite places for bacteria to “live.” In addition, mold sometimes appears on the ridges if kept in high humidity conditions for a long time. If you want your curls to be healthy and beautiful, provide a special combs stand, which will be located in the bedroom or hallway.

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