What kind of toilets are there

Design features of toilets 

Needless to say that convenience is the main criterion that draws people when choosing a toilet. What kind of toilets are there? Floor models, wall-mount, side-mount, compacts – there is something for everyone. Modern models of toilet bowls are made of high-quality porcelain or earthenware. A superior level of comfort, compact size and also aesthetic design are important factors when deciding on a toilet. Floor toilets are familiar to most, but in cases where the room is not spacious enough, it is better to go with a wall-mounted toilet. The imaginations of manufacturers have no limits. Toilets from famous manufacturers such as Whitehaus, American Standard, Toto, Duravit, and EAGO  have a reputation for quality, while also having more minor brands that are able to satisfy the most fastidious buyers.


In a one-piece toilet, the tank and bowl are one whole item. In cases of a two-piece, the tank and bowl are separate. There are some models where both the tank and the bowl are walls mounted separately. Two-piece toilets have a tendency to be much cheaper than one piece due to ease of production but, are much harder to keep clean.

An important component of any toilet is its tank. The main criterion of the quality of a tank is its low noise characteristics. When a tank uses a gravity-based system for waste disposal it tends to be very quiet, however, it might have problems with the water pressure when it comes to solid wastes. On the other hand, there are models that have a pressure-based system in place that has no issue clearing out the bowel cleaning but, make a large amount of noise.


Water conservation might be a large factor in deciding which model toilet is right for you. The simplistic single flush has only one option when it comes to flushing. This can be wasteful when it comes to disposing of liquid-based waste. For this, there are toilets that come with a dual flush. It allows the option of a partial flush verse a full flush.

Modern models of toilets are fitted with a special device that provides for a smooth lowering of the cover on the toilet seat. This device is called a micro lift. It does not allow the toilet seat to fall with a loud and unpleasant sound. Modern toilets have the function of antisplash, which represents a specific pattern designed funnel (in the location of the drain and release). Due to the narrow exit quenching of the water splash and suppression of the spray fountain occur. There are two seemingly banal things with which a person begins the day – showers and toilets. Making your every morning enjoyable is one of the tasks we set for ourselves. By buying the plumbing in our store, New Style Bathroom, you will make each morning pleasant and will also enjoy your purchase for years.
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