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What is the standard height of a bathroom vanity

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Standard bathroom vanity height

All of us have bathrooms of different sizes. Someone has a small combined bathroom in a New York apartment, and someone has a huge bathroom in a cozy cottage. However, they all have one thing in common – the water supply installed in the room. And, the washbasin is most often placed on a pedestal or a vanity because it is a functional and comfortable piece of furniture. However, different sizes of rooms require different lengths of sinks and cabinets. The larger the bathroom, the wider the sinks can be placed in it.


1. Standard sizes of vanity units with sink in the bathroom
1.1. Standard width of the vanity units.
1.2. What is the standard depth of the vanity?
1.3. What is a standard height of a bathroom vanity?
1. Custom dimensions
2. Narrow and small vanities
3. Large and wide bathroom units

Standard sizes of vanity units

Generally, it is believed that for ease of use, the width of the vanity with a single sink for a small bathroom 5′ x 7′ should be not less than 24 inches. Smaller washbasins are usually placed in small restrooms and are not used for the bathroom. Large sinks are always a good thing to consider, but their widths are based on the size of the room. You may agree, a 48 Inch or 60-inch vanity will look ridiculous in a standard bathroom.

What Is The Standard Height Of A Bathroom Vanity

 Standard width of the vanity units

The width of the sink cabinet is usually determined by the manufacturer itself and is made to fit the standard bowl size or slightly narrower. It all depends on the model’s design. If you choose a double sink, then the gap between the centers of the bowls is decisive. It should not exceed 35 inches.


 What is the standard depth of the vanity?

The easiest way to check the depth of the cabinet and sink is to stand close to the sink or cabinet side and extend your hand. If the opposite edge ends in the middle of your palm or fingertips, the product is ideal for the given dimension. The best indication of depth is considered to be from 18″ to 22 inches.

What Is The Standard Height Of A Bathroom Vanity

 What is a standard height of a bathroom vanity?

Particular attention should be paid to the height of the cabinet. Typically, manufacturers make this furniture in a standard height of 32 to 34 inches. Scientists believe that for ease of use, the height of the vanity should be 34 to 36 inches for men and 32 to 34 inches for women. If you calculate the average, it turns out that the optimal height of the cabinet is equal to 34 inches. This is the ideal.
Given that there is a child in the house, a small stand is needed to wash himself comfortably. After all, you will not change the height of the sink cabinet every year, given that the baby is growing.
Thus, we note that the standard and most universal dimensions of the vanity unit for the bathroom sink are :
• Width – from 24 inches;
• Height – 34 inches;
• Depth – 18 to 24 inches.


 Custom Dimensions

Having dealt with the standard dimensions of the cabinet with a sink, we must tell you more about special ones. Since there are a great variety of sizes that are smaller or bigger than those already described. Of course, we will not delve into the gradation of custom-made pedestal calibers, but we will analyze the most common products in more detail.

Note that if you have made a mistake choosing the dimensions of the cabinet or sink, then, most likely, an ugly gap will form between the furniture units and walls. You can find a video on how to hide such an oversight:

What Is The Standard Height Of A Bathroom Vanity

 Narrow And Small Bathroom Vanities

The concepts of a tiny sink and small vanity unit are practically the same type. Since the width of almost all narrow vanities is small, it is possible not to distinguish between these two concepts.

The narrowest bathroom vanities are available 14-18 inches wide. Moreover, 14 inches are only corner models, which are used mainly in tiny washrooms.

Models with a width of 18 inches are most often installed in toilet rooms of country houses. By the way, they are also made in the corner version of the vanity. But there are also rectangular ones with a round sink for washing and models of classic shapes. Wall-mounted versions of products also come across.  


 What is the narrowest bathroom vanity?

Some of our customers have asked about narrower vanity units in the bathroom, for example, 10″ wide. Let us make a spoiler – products of similar dimensions are made only by custom order; they are not mass-produced. In addition, it will be pretty challenging to fit a sink into them since the minimum earthenware products exceed the specified width by 2-3 inches.

Let's talk about the most popular models:



The Bathroom Vanity Colmar 18 Inch vanity series has been constructed for space efficiency and functionality for compact spaces, powder rooms, children’s bathrooms, or basements. Made with different color variations in an All Wood material, this vanity provides many characters despite its small stature. This truly defined cabinetry has a surprisingly spacious storage room, so do not be fooled by its size. Coupled with matching all wood framed mirrors, this set optimizes your living space with style and efficiency. This vanity tops it off with a rectangular top-mount single-hole acrylic lavatory sink, which essentially has stress-free cleaning and up-keeping.

What Is The Standard Height Of A Bathroom Vanity


The sleek design of our Sydney vanities is constructed with solid wood. Each with an optional ceramic top-mount or vessel sinks, bringing a crisp contemporary look to your bathroom. Each door and drawer is crafted with Soft Closure designs to fulfill your living space’s serenity. White Quartz countertops depict elegance through a contemporary smooth look, coupled with either a vessel sink or top-mount to match your style. The bottom drawers of this series provide adequate storage space for daily bathroom necessities. Detached matching Side Cabinets are available for additional storage needs if suitable. Completing this set is a matching framed wall mirror that features the same beautifully rich colors of vanity’s colors, expressing the exquisiteness of the fine cabinetry, which is available in a few different colors and sizes. Mix and combine different sizes or Side Cabinets to expand innovative ideas to your bathroom space.


Almost all manufacturers offer a vast selection of extensive and comprehensive models of bathroom cabinets and vanities. Since we have found that the average size of a conventional sink width is not less than 24 inches, all products that exceed this dimension can be considered large ones.

But there is one caveat. It is generally accepted that cabinets are considered wide with a sink at least 36 inches wide. The largest production models are 84 inches wide. Such models will fit into huge bathrooms and provide maximum comfort. A large number of shelves and drawers will allow you to place many useful little things and accessories.

Introducing the best selling models:


 Lexora Dukes 84″ Double Vanity Color Navy Blue 

Encouraged by classic lines, bathroom vanity “Dukes” in espresso color in espresso has been improved to fit the requirements of the contemporary home. With the first look at the ultra-fine shapes of the vanity structure, timeless style of the countertop you will see the marks of a classic style in this unit. Even though, the unit is set up with the most up-to-date technologies: soft-closing mechanism, huge cabinet space, reliable drawer sliders, ultra water resistance. So, the functionality of the vanity is purely contemporary. As an addition to the vanity, you get the matching luxury framed mirror and under-mounted sink. The additions give the elegant look and finishing touch that you were looking for on the market for so long.

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