Shower panel for your bathroom, What is shower panel

Basics of Shower Panel

What is shower panel. Shower and shower panel are the devices that work together as a system to deliver water during showering and bathing. These systems control the temperature and flow of water in showers, bathtubs and custom stalls as well as the customized delivery of water in a highly diverse array of spray styles. The shower panel are both a control panel to tailor the bathing and showering experience and the gateway to water being delivered at a chosen temperature and flow rate.

Shower panel for bathroom

Shower trims and valves allow the user to turn the flow of water on and off as well as manually control the flow rate and temperature of the water. Shower heads and bath faucets are both water delivery mechanisms that shape the flow of water as it emerges from the pipe into the shower or bathtub.

Advanced bath and shower systems date back to thousands of years B.C. in locations throughout the world, due to the relatively simple understanding of pressure needed to create them. The ancient Greeks first developed what would today be easily recognized as a shower system. Greeks built large communal shower rooms that tapped into their aqueducts made of lead pipes.

Personal shower and bath systems using mechanical fixtures began to take shape in the late 18th century. However, it took several decades of improvement in the design and popularization of reliable indoor plumbing in the mid-19th century before modern mechanical fixtures began to gain ground on self-filled bathtubs.

Bath and shower fixtures connect to water pipes. Pipes carry hot and cold water to the shower valve; then additional piping delivers water from the valve to the bath faucet (if applicable) or showerhead. However, the first point of contact for users is the shower trim, which is the handle or handles used to turn the water on and off and set the temperature and flow rate. The shower trim also includes the metal ring that surrounds the handle.

A handle allows the user to control the shower valve, which is the most sophisticated and durable member of the bath and shower fixture family. These valves help achieve consistent water temperature and flow.


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