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Expand Space in Small Bathroom

When developing a bathroom design before the start of a finishing work in an apartment or a private house, one must strive to maintain the chosen style to the end. Here you need to be creative, show imagination and ingenuity in the selection of both materials and accessories. There should be no room for random elements. The main thing is that they are from the same series, tastefully executed and in the same style.

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floating vanity in the bathroom is always a perfect choice

Hint: Installing a floating vanity in the bathroom is always a perfect choice – wall vanity cabinet can be performed in any style. Consider careful choice of bathroom floating vanity in one of the popular bathroom supply stores in New Bathroom Style.
That is why, when creating a bathroom design, it is necessary to carefully consider not only the overall design of the room, but also to select interior items, decoration, plumbing, lighting, and accessories for the bathroom.

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What color combination is best for bathroom?

The richness of colors and contrasts

The combination of matte, glossy, even and rough coatings will look original. This combination will definitely create an interesting play of textures and light. The richness of colors and contrasts gives the bathroom lightness and dynamism, as well as visually enlarges the space. But you shouldn’t get too carried away with such tactics, since the use of more than three colors in the design will look too colorful.
In small bathrooms, it is preferable to use glossy tiles in light shades, so that they reflect light like a mirror and expand the space.

Are wall-mounted pieces good for bathroom?

If possible in a small bathroom, it is worth using wall mounted plumbing fixtures, wall side cabinet and furniture. This will create a feeling of lightness. Such interior items seem lighter and smaller.

It is recommended to place plumbing fixtures and furniture around the perimeter of the bathroom. The center of the room should be free. This will add a sense of space and order.
You should not put too large objects in small rooms of the bathroom – they will only emphasize the lack of space.

The smaller the bathroom space, the medium the tiles should be used.
As a finishing material for the ceiling in a small bathroom, a good option is to use a new design glossy stretch ceiling, which will act as mirrors – reflect the rays of light and, therefore, increase the space. In addition, such ceilings will also help protect the room from accidental leaks, after which you often have to start new repairs.

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