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Lexora Jacques 84″ Color Distressed Grey LJ342284 Double Bathroom Vanity White Carrara Marble Top


Lexora Geneva 84″ Color Navy Blue LG192284DEDS000 Floating Double Bathroom Vanity


Lexora Marsyas 84″ White Color 2 Sink Bathroom Vanity Grey Quartz Top


Lexora Jacques 80″ Double Bathroom Vanity Color Distressed Grey


Lexora Ziva 84″ Rustic Barnwood LZV352284SNJS000 Double Bathroom Vanity With White Quartz Top


Bathroom Vanities Size 80 to 100 Inch with Double Sink

Buying a bathroom vanity is a challenging task. Many options are available, and choosing one that suits your needs can be demanding. However, one thing you should consider before buying is the size of the space where you plan to install it.

We Have the Bathroom Vanity for You

If you have a lot of space in your bathroom, you will have plenty of options for how big your new vanity will be – including substantial sizes, such as 100 inches wide! The larger sizes come with many advantages. Whatever types of vanities you are considering for your bathroom, the New Bathroom Style collection will suit you to select the best option for you in terms of price, design, and size.

Vanity Size and Placement: What You Need to Know

We only work with respectable, dependable suppliers who back up their goods, like Blossom vanities. This well-known company makes vanities and sinks in different sizes and forms, including double-sink cabinets. You may also discover interests from companies like Lexora, Elegant Decor, and Dowell in New Bathroom Style. The quality of these products is determined by their names and is never confused with the selection. Additionally, for most models, we can provide free delivery to any state and a up to 20% discount in-store.

Buying an Oversized Bathroom Vanity for a Bigger Space.

84 Inch Bathroom VanityThe bathroom vanity dimensions can range from 18 to 22 inches in depth and 24 to 92 inches in breadth. It is possible to under mount or mount the 84-inch bathroom vanity sink on the cabinet. However, it is essential to remember that washing with a tiny sink might spill water over the floor. You have a choice regarding budget with a New Bathroom Style. The vanity is typically the bathroom’s center of attention. It fulfills several functions and is widely utilized. This is especially true with double-sink vanities. Examine the range of options, premium designs, and materials before swapping out an old double bathroom vanity or redesigning the bathroom entirely.

Big Bathroom Vanities for Big Bathrooms

Dukes 84 Inch Double Vanity Espresso White Carrera Marble Top White Square Sinks and 34 Inch Mirrors 1 1It is essential to pick a bathroom vanity that complements the area’s design, and finding the one that offers the best utility for the users will be simple and pleasurable. It’s usually a good idea to consider long-term use because the vanity is a piece of furniture that requires little upkeep and care. Don’t forget to view all your selections for the ideal appearance and feel. You should feel comfortable in your own house; nothing does that better than a well-decorated bathroom with the perfect 100-inch vanity for a big bathroom. Finding the ideal double 100-Inch vanity with the aid of all of our options will encourage you to return for the rest of your bathroom décor requirements. The materials used for the sinks and cabinets, such as porcelain, marble, smoky tinted glass, acrylic, basin, stone, solid oak, Carrara wood, and grey oak, come in various colors, including white, black, brown, and gray. A 100-inch and more oversized vanity from is a sure bet.

The Luxury of Space, Without the Hassle

For people who don’t have a lot of space in their bathrooms but want the best size for themselves and those around them, oversized bathroom vanities can be a perfect choice. This means you get more room to work with on your sink and counter space when using a large vanity rather than one of the average dimensions. In some cases, there is even enough room to install it.