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Cabinet Top & Sink

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Top & Sink

Modern interiors are becoming more and more functional. Every year, designers propose to focus on practicality when arranging housing, without neglecting “beauty”. Only now the aesthetic component of the renovation is not in useless decorations, but in choosing the right plumbing and furniture, which both look stylish and carry a functional load. Orientation towards open space, freedom of space and unclutteredness also play a role – manufacturers of bathroom items offer to combine several interior details in one, thus saving space and money, because together, as you know, it is cheaper.

One example of such a combination is a sink with a cabinet and a mirror. It performs several functions at the same time:

interior design – immediately attracts attention, because it serves as a beautiful decorative part of the bathroom design;
practical – combines the functions of a sink, storage system, mirror;
economical – it does not take up so much space as individual parts of such a kit could take.
Manufacturers offer many options for sink with a cabinet. How to choose the optimal model and not be mistaken? To begin with, study the proposals and stop at a detailed examination of those that meet your requirements for the appearance of the product, the material from which it is made, the size (and this is important, because the kit should fit in the bathroom).

Why do you need a sink with a vanity unit?
Why clutter up the bathroom with a cabinet when an attractive interior can be created without it, using a simple wall-mounted washbasin or a “tulip”? Yes, such solutions will help to hide communications, a siphon, pipes, but they will not solve another problem – places for placing and storing cosmetics, cleaning products, washing powder, brushes, towels and other items that are indispensable in the bathroom. It is for these purposes that sinks with a cabinet have been created – a convenient container for all important and necessary bathroom accessories.

What you get when you buy a washbasin with a vanity unit:

a piece of furniture 2 in 1 – both furniture and plumbing (and if there is also a mirror in the kit, then already 3 in 1);
storage space for accessories and cosmetics;
saving money – there is no need to close pipes in the wall and buy several furnishings;
saving space – there is no need to place additional shelves and racks in the room;
aesthetic appearance – a bathroom with a curbstone always looks more advantageous than without it.
The cabinet under the sink will hold towels, shampoos for the whole family, washing powder, and cloths, napkins, sponges. Plus – nothing of the content will be lost, because each item will have its own place on a shelf or in a drawer. To spill, scatter, drop and break anything from cosmetics or household chemicals, the chances will be very small.

The cabinet allows you to hide pipes and a siphon, if you wish, to place a washing machine or a basket for dirty linen in it. An excellent solution for economical housewives – more space and less visible unsightly objects.

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