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Fine Fixtures Opulence OL48 48 inch Modern Bathroom Vanity White Ceramic Top


Fine Fixtures Serenity 24 Inch SE24MG Mint Green Bathroom Vanity


Fine Fixtures Serenity 30 Inch SE30MG Mint Green Bathroom Vanity


Fine Fixtures Serenity 36 Inch SE36MG Mint Green Bathroom Vanity



Shop for a Green Bathroom Vanity at New Bathroom Style

Consider incorporating a green vanity to add a natural, calming design to your bathroom. Green vanities can provide an eco-friendly and stylish addition to your bathroom remodel. Many options are available so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. If you want to give your bathroom a refreshing, grounding update, see our collection for more of a green cabinet and some of our styles.

Blossom Positano 48 Inch Double Wall Mount Vanity Color Avanturine Green Color 1Consider a green vanity with wood accents for your bathroom’s organic, earthy look. This combination will create a warm, natural atmosphere. If you prefer a more modern style, opt for a green vanity with sleek lines and metallic fixtures like chrome or brass. You can also add visual interest by selecting an unusual shade of green, like olive or mint.

Please ensure your vanity’s green color coordinates well with the other hues in your bathroom. Green looks particularly lovely with shades of blue, purple, and pink.
If you need more time to get ready for a green vanity, there are other ways to incorporate this color into your bathroom design. Consider adding green plants or flowers for a pop of color or using green towels and accessories to bring in some of the hues. With creativity, you can easily add a touch of green to your bathroom to fit your style.

Elegant Decor 30 inch Color Green Bathroom Vanity VF44530MGN BS 8One way to incorporate green into your bathroom is to paint the walls or add green-themed wallpaper. Light shades of green can help create a feeling of calmness and openness in the space. You can also use shades of green on other walls or in different areas of the room or green paint to highlight architectural features or accent pieces. If you want to use green wallpaper, there are many patterns and styles, ranging from subtle to bold. Adding green to your bathroom can provide a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, and incorporating a green vanity into your bathroom remodel is a stylish and eco-friendly option. At New Bathroom Style, we offer a variety of green vanities to suit your needs. Our in-house designer can also provide design services to help you create the perfect vanity for your bathroom. Please contact us in Brooklyn, NY, or call us at 718-412-3675 to learn more and schedule an appointment.