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Milena By Marsan Brand

Renovation of a bathroom is difficult and painstaking work. As a result, a person gets a modern multifunctional room where he can put his body in order in comfortable conditions. At the end of the renovation work, the question arises of equipping the bath vanity or vanity cabinet. Bathroom vanities are an important and necessary piece of your room or bathroom. When choosing, it should be borne in mind that the piece should be in a room with high humidity, so the material must withstand vapors well.

Designers of European brand Marsan strive to create a single ensemble vanity cabinet collection that organically looks like a general composition, while not forgetting about the functional features of such furniture. Bathroom vanities  are an indispensable element of the furnishings, however, special care should be taken when choosing this item. It is worth considering the size of the room and trying to choose a size and design and configuration that fit perfectly into the ensemble of your bathroom. 

New luxury bath vanity MILENA

Today we are happy to present a new arrival at our bathroom vanities collection – luxury bathroom vanity MILENA. Produced by European brand – Marsan. The single vanity set comes in two colors – glossy vanity white and shiny black. Available sizes of vanity cabinets are 32 inch and 36 inch. The units are performed in classic style. The classic style of the interior is, first of all, beautiful form and lush geometry. Moderate asceticism and striving for luxury, expensive comfort, self-contemplation, interior as a reflection of the family’s inner world, reliable, calm rear. An up-to-date and functional design, a reflection of the owner’s personality. Each such interior is as simple as individual, inimitable.

Solid wood and glass are the essential and expensive materials in terms of their properties. They are distinguished by high environmental friendliness, specific beauty, and strength. They are used for the manufacture of countertops and furniture in front of luxury bathroom vanity Milena, making the set sophisticated and elegant. Helping owners demonstrate their financial viability.  


What are the advantages of buying at New Bathroom Style?

The presence of a colorful catalog allows you to choose a product for every taste. All products are of the highest quality and manufactured by the leading brands, such as Marsan. Thanks to this all the units are able to withstand the excess moisture and will last for many years without losing their appearance.

We also offer custom-sized vanity cabinets that fit perfectly into bathrooms of all sizes. We free shipping  the selected product to the specified address. A detailed description will help you make the right choice. A flexible system of discounts and bonuses in our store allows buyers to get the furniture they want at an affordable price.

The form of payment is chosen by the buyer. We are always happy to listen to the suggestions of consumers and help them in the implementation of their plans. 

Our managers are glad to every client and are always ready to help. All questions regarding the purchase of furniture can be resolved by quickly calling us by phone or leaving a request on the website. 


What are the criteria of choice of bathroom vanity?

New Bathroom Style offers a huge range of bathroom accessories and furniture. On our website the consumer has the opportunity to choose a product that ideally matches his idea of ​​functionality and attractiveness. You just need to take into account the mandatory requirements for such furniture. 

A cabinet with a bathroom sink should be resistant to the water, since daily high humidity can quickly damage the furniture. 

Carefully consider the selection of accessories. Some metals quickly rust and oxidize, losing their attractiveness and strength.

Make sure that the drawers move smoothly and that the front doors are firmly attached.

There must be enough space to connect the plumbing to ensure ease of maintenance.

The appearance should be consistent with the overall design concept.

Sink with a vanity unit located on a heated tiled floor must have legs. This design will not allow the material to overheat and will provide accessibility for cleaning.

Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme. Furniture and wall decoration should smoothly complement each other, creating a harmonious composition.

New Bathroom Style has been selling bathroom vanities for 11 years years. Customers who once visited our store in Brooklyn, NY or site remain our customers for a long time and give recommendations to friends and acquaintances. You can buy furniture or bathroom accessories in many stores, but not everyone can offer  bath collections at this value for money.

Our online store offers an excellent selection of products from American and European manufacturers that can satisfy the most demanding and discerning customer. A vanity unit for a bathroom, a pencil case, wall cabinets, LED mirrors and medicine cabinet with light and much more can be found in our catalog. The prices are the most democratic and correspond to the offered quality.



Modern Bathroom Vanities – is it worth buying?

Modern furniture designed for the bathroom is usually associated with a vanity unit and mirror with illuminated shelves and shelves, or with a cabinet and a wall cabinet with mirrored doors. You can also purchase a double vanity wardrobe or chest of drawers that will fit in a bathroom larger than a standard room.

When choosing bathroom vanities, attention should be paid primarily to the quality of its workmanship. The relevance of this criterion is explained by the fact that the bathroom is a room where high humidity is often present. And if you buy low-quality furniture for such a space, then it can deform, deteriorate, and so on. 

For the bathroom, you can also purchase furniture equipped with a plinth or legs. Both options have their positive aspects. But if the bathroom is equipped with a floor heating system, then experts recommend choosing furniture only with legs. There is a free space under such furniture items, which provides effective ventilation and thereby prevents the accumulation of moisture. 


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