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We can call European bathroom vanities both functional and stylish accessories that bring comfort to the room. With this element of the room decoration, you will make the private permission unique and emphasize the calm atmosphere. Besides, any hygiene items, napkins, tubes, bottles, and accessories will always be in easy access if they are kept in drawers or on the tabletop of a dresser.


The variety of dressing table styles will blow your imagination, especially when it comes to unique double vanities. What is this bathroom interior item? We will tell you more in our blog.

The primary purpose of unique bathroom vanity is to be a part of exceptional interior style. But do not forget about such a feature as functionality. With multiple drawers, you can keep all the necessary cosmetics, towels, personal accessories in order. And a sink integrated makes the dresser even more functional as it can serve you as a washbasin.

Unique Bathroom Vanity Mia Italia Model CHARLOTTE 04 1

Unique Bathroom Vanity Mia Italia Model CHARLOTTE 04 1


There is a complete solution if you have a big family or need maximum comfort while tidying yourself up. Just install unique double sink bathroom vanities in the toilette premise. Designers present such double vanities in different form-factors suitable for classical or baroque design or nowadays styles.

What Makes the Dressing Table Unique?

The utility is essential, no matter. But the facade is no less significant when you seek furnishings for a bathroom cabinet. And here, we can say, there is nothing that compares to European designers. There are real masterpieces among vanities created by Italian designers as Italian style is grand and luxurious.


Let’s distinguish what qualities make the bathroom dressing table exceptional!

Mia Italia Model Soho 01 Size 48 Inch Double Luxury Vanity Color Glossy White Top Marble Carnico Grey 2

Outstanding design is the first to say. If your dresser has an exciting shape, size, decorations, etc., it will quickly become the center of all interior composition.
High-quality furniture details from legs to the tabletop, from the sink to drawers’ handles. It is imperative to get an item of furniture that will serve you for years and decades.
Beauty is also essential in the minor details because even a small accessory can make furniture both a gem or a fail.

All these features in one item of bathroom furnishings you can find in our luxury bathroom vanity collection. There, we have gathered the most astonishing handcrafted items designed by Italian designers. Each detail in those dressing tables is crafted manually, having no analogs at all.

Choosing among them is a tough deal as each dresser looks fabulous. So, we propose you take into attention not only their unique design but other features such as shape, height, width, or even color. It can be two sink vanity or a single-sink option.

You have a wide choice among excellent 60-inch bathroom vanity or more compact design. The store’s New Bathroom style offers all of them in diverse options.

We will be glad to help you choose the unique dressing table that will suit your interior design perfectly.

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