Types of Side Cabinet Crucial for tidying your bathroom

Types of Linen Towers Crucial for tidying your bathroom

Side cabinet are a must have in small bathroom alongside with a small bathroom vanity, these two items will provide you with the extra space your bathroom needs. It is tall with two sections (upper and bottom). The two sections are covered by a lockable door meaning that you can always lock away your dirty and even clean linens if you need to. The best thing about this linen tower is that it is H shapes linen toward and its stands on its own. It is not mounted on the wall. The fact that it is not mounted on the wall tells you that it can be moved from one position to another.

Socimobel Side Cabinet

On the other hand, the side cabinet manufactured by Socimobelis also an affordable linen tower that can serve your needs at all times. Unlike the tower manufactured by the Rebrilliant. The doors have got handles and have window panes on them. This means that you can see through the glass. This also means that it is useful for storing dry and clean linen and not dirty linen. It is H shaped and can be moved from one point to another since they are stand-alone and not fitted on your bathroom wall. Linen towers are useful for storing dry linens which are handy during cleaning or bathing. With the presence of a linen tower, every linen is kept away in one common place. Your visitors will always appreciate the fact that they can always find the linens they might need in one linen tower standing within the bathroom. The colors of the linens and the linen towers themselves acts as a source of beauty and elegance for others to see.


Suppose you choose to go for the tall linen cabinet make sure that floor is even or you you’re your cabinet from bottom upwards. It must rarely be the problem in the modern home if it is the cheap assembly cabinet, which is made poorly; these cabinets must not make this in reputable stores. Wall mounting is the option for the extra stability; actually the wall mounted cabinet is more of the bathroom space saver.

If you search on Internet now, you will find many options while it comes about different styles as well as designs for the cabinets. You may choose to go on antique with the design or choose bathroom linen cabinets, which are made from the dark wood. You can find such are made with the intricately made edges to meet antique look preference. You also can choose the cabinets via size – no matter whether you want this short or tall. What’s important to think above all while it comes about this aspect is handiness and availability of this to people who can use this bathroom. But, most ideal kind in the storing bathroom linens will be narrow and tall ones, which are made from hardwood. Tower racks also can fit well on old school look.

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