Types of Fireplaces to Choose from for your Living Room

Types of Fireplaces to Choose 

The first type is the spark modern fireplace. This is a fireplace which utilizes the air from the air vent arising from the outside. It is simple and uses gas as fuel. When natural gas is mixed with air, a non-luminous flame is accrued. This flame is a source of heating. In that case, there will be enough heating for your living room and even other parts of your house. The fireplace is connected to the chimney which allows hot air to rise hence allowing a continuous burning of the gas. When installing this fireplace, the services of a mason will be required as the kiln is build using bricks. Bricks are good for preserving excessive heat loss.

The direct vent fireplace is another type which might suit your outdoor heating needs. This means that it is a good model meant for a living room with more space and ample ventilation. This fireplace is known and said to be more efficient even than those that use firewood or charcoal. This is simply because they have a direct vent which releases fumes from the burning woods hence making sure that there is free circulation of air within the fireplace at all times. When looking for an efficient fireplace, consider choosing the direct vent fireplace.

The third example is the linear burner fireplace. This is a modern fireplace which utilizes propane gas and other natural gases. Their exteriors are made of stainless steel and they have chambers which can be used to warm your food or even roast your meat while you sit in your living room. It requires a huge space because it can produce excess heat.

Direct Vent Fireplaces

The direct vent fireplaces, like the name suggests, have the provision of the direct venting, therefore they don’t require any kind of chimney on the roof. There’s the hole for purpose of venting, which is made in the wall in which the fireplaces are been installed. The direct vent fireplaces and warming equipment generally work on the sealed combustion vent system that ensures enough of warmth as well as fresh air in your room. One benefit of the warming equipment is there are less heat loss and efficient working.

Electric Fireplaces

The electric fireplaces are like other warming equipment, other than the absence of the flame in it. Also, they provide some warmth in your room as provided by another modern fireplace. For the warming equipment, flame effect, as well as warming, will be done by the electric heater, in place of a conventional log fire. Also, they instantly begin with the flip of a switch and the warming effect is felt soon, in the same way as you feel cooling effect of air conditioner instantly after switching on. The electric fireplaces generally come in many elegant as well as captivating designs. There’s not any hassle for cleaning at this kind of the warming equipment.
Like the electric fireplaces, the gas fireplaces give privilege for enjoying the warmth of the fireplace to the user, and without any need of doing the cumbersome job to feed the logs or cleaning the cinders and ash.

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