Traditional Bathroom Vanities collection in New Bathroom Style

Make a significant change with one of our traditional bathroom vanities. Add a timeless element to your bathroom with the long-lasting style of our oak, birch, and walnut bathroom vanities.

Traditional Bathroom Vanities

For larger bathroom spaces, traditional double bathroom vanities provide a sense of timelessness and sophistication, while traditional single bathroom vanities will provide an expansive look in smaller areas.  Many traditional vanities have marble or granite countertop selections to pair the perfect stone to your bathroom remodel. Most sinks are under-mount porcelain, with some traditional vanities including stone or travertine sinks which match their countertop.  

Once you choose the traditional vanity that is right for your design taste, you will be satisfied with your selection every morning you get prepared for a new day taking shower and hygienic procedures in your bath.  All vanities at New Bathroom Style are hand-crafted with the best materials, with both wood cabinets and stone countertops which are sealed finish to prevent fading, peeling and cracking.

These traditional bathroom vanities are durable enough to outlast the competition and offered at prices just as attractive as the vanities themselves.  As an added bonus to you, each bathroom vanity ships free so that customers can find what they want at affordable prices. Transform your bathroom with traditional vanity today and enjoy shopping in New Bathroom Style!

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