The Top Modern Trends for 2018

Kitchen Decor  The Top Modern Trends for 2018

If you only have money and time to spend on one room, make sure it’s the kitchen.  Renovating your kitchen space will, on average, boost the value of your house by $2,000.  If you’re looking to sell your house this year then here are some of the top kitchen trends for 2018.

Contemporary Kitchen Design


Contemporary kitchens have seen a meteoric rise in popularity recently. With their clean, open interiors and the efficient space planning and open floor plan, these suit the modern-day family down to a tee.

Generally following a color scheme, a contemporary kitchen is something that can be as vibrant or as low key as you like, depending on your personal taste and obviously what fits into your house. One thing of note is that recyclable and environmentally friendly materials are also making a bigger presence in kitchen design.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Anyone who owns a house will know that even the thought of trying to replace your kitchen cabinets is dreadful, never mind actually doing it.

Well, luckily for you, refacing your kitchen cabinets is in for 2018. People area unit currently observation, however, they pay their cash, owing to the economy. They’d much rather just replace their cabinet doors than the whole of the cabinet. It’s less stressful. More importantly, it’s less expensive.

Solid Wood and Stone Kitchen Tops

How annoying is it when you cook something and put a hot pan down on the worktop and then BANG! You’ve popped the laminated part of the work surface away from the chipboard kitchen top. Well, this is often one reason why solid room worktops square measure massively during this year. According to Kathleen Donohue, an award-winning designer with Neil Kelly Designs, quartz is going to be the material of choice for kitchen worktops.

She says “Stone countertops are losing ground to quartz composite countertops that are no-maintenance and the closest thing to bullet-proof countertop materials available today,” There are many more kitchen design trends which are set to be big and must-have in 2018, to read some more about them, check this out.