The toilet washlet is an indispensable thing for women

The toilet washlet seat is an indispensable thing for women

You’re important to my health!

Regular hygiene of intimate places with a toilet washlet seat is a means for prevention of the “female” illnesses, preservation of purity and freshness. The modern pace of life does not always allow for taking a shower, while the preservation of women’s health is the future of the family.

The washlet also has a heated seat!

A heated toilet seat is not a whim, but it is a comfortable feature that contributes to additional relaxation. The man of the house will appreciate it.

  1.  You don’t move enough!

Regular use of water instead of toilet paper means prevention of hemorrhoids, which became the disease of the 21st century. “Computer-car-TV” – is an inactive, sedentary lifestyle and poor hygiene. All of these are the prerequisites of an “intelligent” disease. And the “Massage” function contributes to the improvement of potency and also increases vitality.

The toilet washlet seat

  1. Mine will be jealous!

Today it is rare to surprise the guests with something truly sophisticated and useful. Surprise them with a Japanese gadget in the bathroom! Female and general bidet, dryer, heated seat, lighting, deodorization will leave the relatives and friends with something to get excited about.

  1. You’re the one who takes up most of the time there!

Does someone stay in the toilet for a while? There is nothing good about it. Staying on the toilet for too long is not recommended by doctors. The Soft “Enema” function can help facilitate “sittings” and deal with constipation.

  1. Do you know how much we will save on paper?!!

Indeed, you don’t have to buy any more toilet paper with the toilet washlet– the device will gently wash and dry you.

  1. I’m tired of you knocking the cover over!

Slow lowering lid and seat are already a familiar feature in the modern restroom. Of course, the lifter exists in all models of electronic toilet washlets.

  1. Know how many bacteria are in there?!!

Antibacterial coating of the seat and infrared drying will disinfect the toilet seat and the air inside the toilet bowl. Minimize the possibility of bacteria in the bathroom.

  1. It is impossible to come in after you!

The “Deodorant” function is an air duct that is built into the lid of the toilet washlet. It draws the air out of the bowl and passes it through a carbon filter. You will no longer need aerosols which mask odors and settle on the walls.

  1. That’s it, all that’s left to do is to put the toilet washlet on the toilet!

The electronic toilet washlet is one of the secrets to Japanese longevity, male potency, and female health. It provides for comfort, good mood, and confidence!