Tips to reduce your heating bill

Tips to reduce your heating bill

In times of crisis and declining purchasing power, all the good tips to reduce the gas bill or electricity are good to take. And make energy-saving is good for the planet! Here are some tips to optimize your heating.

 Partitions for less heat

It’s simple and just thinks, reduce the volume to be heated, it also reduces heating bills. How? Nothing more simple. A curtain, for example, can help isolate a row without a door. If you have high ceilings and you have a mezzanine, you can also use this trick to “close” the open sides. Simple curtains can be fine. Installing small gas fireplaces in the new space will become a small nest for long winter evenings.

 Air quickly and efficiently

Ventilating a room is also essential in winter than in summer. But the low temperatures we often cool when it comes to doing so. Here’s a tip, speed up the renewal of the air with an admirer when you open your windows. The air in the room will certainly be a bit chilly but the walls themselves will not have time to cool. The room and ascend rapidly to temperature.

 Keep your coil

If you are in electric heating, remember to remove dust. Clean interior and exterior energy efficient and even heating, your bill will be (slightly) lower. Attention! remember to shut off the heaters before you start cleaning theirs.


Keep fresh air from entering by caulking the bottom of your doors and checking the insulation of windows. Another tip is also effective: even close the shutters at night. is additional insulation. Warning: caulking does not mean blocking the vents! These are essential to your health and your safety.