Take advantage of the space under the stairs

The advantage of the space under the stairs

While housing prices continue to climb, and that it is difficult to find space to fit all his belongings, what a shame if you are not able to maximize every square foot of your home. But there are many ideas to maximize every corner, as the place beneath the stairs. Precisely, here are 3 ideas for development dedicated to this space often lost. One way to use space under the stairs is to make a small library. For this, we can choose a rack-shaped box of stairs so you can slide it under the steps or decide to create a library yourself by layering different colored boxes that are screwed or that one glue them available once selected. And here” s an extra space dedicated to storage of books.

Set up a home office

Find a place to set up his office is not always obvious when lack of space in the room. If you have stairs, so it” s time to think! Under the steps, we easily suspend two or three shelves for books and workbooks available. Just below, place the office neither seen nor known. Planning to win the key (see the picture against)!

Install storage

Finally, the available space under the stairs can be converted into storage, be it shoes, household items, clothing. Among the ideas to remember, there” s boxes on wheels, custom closets or shelves on which there are boxes and baskets.

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