Stone vanities counter tops

Stone vanities counter-tops

Stone vanities counter tops. Those who have looked into buying new bathroom vanities have come to notice the wide variety of not only the cabinets but, also the vast amount of choice when it comes to the counter-top. As you may know, the bathroom has a unique climate set apart from the rest of the house. Due to this, you have a special list of prerequisites for all materials that are set into the bathroom. Counter-tops are no exceptions to these; they must be easy to clean, have a high resistance to heat and moisture, as well be resistant to scratching. Various materials are in standard used for counter-tops so that they fulfill most, if not all, of these requirements.

 Natural marble stone vanities counter-tops

The first material that comes to mind when thinking of high quality is Natural Marble. It often has a beautiful the  gaudy appearance to it and its natural property of hardness and heat resistance makes it a very appealing choice for those who can afford it. Despite however being a fairly hard material in its own right it is still able to be scratched, making it important to handle with care. Marble must be carefully and regularly looked after as it is prone to stains. A proper coating seal will make stains less of an issue. Being natural brings another disadvantage in being prone to have more imp, infection inside the stone than factory produced stone. Overall Natural Marble is a durable and luxurious material that requires a degree of maintenance to keep its beauty.

Natural Gthe granite

Commonly paired with Marble is Natural Granite. Also, a beautiful stone that is fairly durable. It comes in a variety of colors which also vary the prices of the stone. Each color has a different rarity to be found naturally in as well as different physical characteristics. Being incredibly hard also makes it fairly brittle around the edges causing the stone to ship under cases if severe impacts. One property that counters acts this is its ability to be fixed with resins. Granit is conveniently low maintenance as it does not stain easily and is heat resistant. Granite is considered an ideal material when it comes to natural stone tops.

Quartz Based Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone otherwise known as the man-made stone is sometimes seen to be a lesser stone due to being not natural however in terms of quality and reliability it often outperforms both granite and marble. The stone itself is made from crushed quartz stone bound together by resin. This makes it unlikely to have any imperfections, unlike most natural stone. When created it is made to be as stain resistant as possible by limiting the number of pours on the surface, removing the need for a coating sealant. Like the other stones, it is fairly heat resistant and hard making it very durable. Having the same low maintenance akin to that of granite makes it a very appealing long-lasting choice for a vanity counter-top.