Smart Bathroom Mirror

Aqudom 24 Inch Vision Smart Bathroom Mirror Daily Personal Assistant 5
Aqudom 24 Inch Vision Smart Bathroom Mirror Daily Personal Assistant _

Every day our life becomes more and more technological. Even daily hygiene procedures are hard to imagine without gadgets. Electric toothbrushes, smart hair and shaving appliances appear in the bathroom. A radio with a TV plays in the shower stall, and now smart mirrors complement this hi-tech design. Let’s figure out what is the smart mirror, how to choose and install it.

Smart beauty mirror

It isn’t easy to imagine a bathroom without a mirror. The question is – what type of mirror to choose? The touch screen mirror has become popular today. The simplest option – with LED lighting. It is helpful for women – when carrying out all kinds of cosmetic procedures and applying makeup, and for men – when shaving.

Touch screen smart mirror

On average, a woman spends about an hour in front of a mirror every day – 15 minutes for styling her hair and blow-drying, 22 minutes for face hygiene procedures, 15 minutes for makeup, 12 minutes for using moisturizers.
And these are daily procedures that are practically brought to automatism. If we are talking about preparing for an important business meeting, party, dinner at a restaurant, a romantic date, or about wellness and relaxation procedures, then the time spent increases by at least two!

Smart tv screen mirroring

As a rule, a successful and businesswoman has very little free time for such small things as flipping through Instagram, watching fashion news and trends on You Tube, reading interesting articles about healthy eating or cosmetics, or just chatting with a friend or relatives on Skype or WhatsApp video…
Yes, women take a smartphone, tablet, and sometimes laptops to the bathroom to combine functional activities with pleasure.

Vision Smart Bathroom Mirror Daily Personal Assistant
Aqudom Vision Smart Bathroom Mirror Daily Personal Assistant

• This is not too inconvenient – you need to fit your smartphone on the sink somehow so that it doesn’t get flooded with water, it doesn’t fall, and at the same time, it should be seen and heard. With a tablet, it’s a little easier, but not much.
• Watching a video of your favorite beauty blogger on how to properly apply ultra-fashionable makeup on a 6 “screen and at a distance of 15 inches is just agony. You must agree!
• Lying in the bathroom with a glass of wine or standing under the shower listening to music from a glass or vase in which a smartphone is playing – well, it is somehow not right.
Do you agree?
Is all mentioned above is about you?
Did you recognize yourself?

Luxury smart bathroom mirror

So it is for you that we made a revolution – THE VISION SMART BATHROOM MIRROR

The Vision Smart Mirror – a smart mirror that can replace all your gadgets in the bathroom and give you a feel of freedom, convenience, and safety and give you new sensations of comfort.
There are no more restrictions and frames – they are erased!
After all, now in front of you is not just a mirror, but a smart mirror!
• Communicate via video, receive calls while standing in front of the mirror, and at the same time calmly get ready for a meeting?
• Apply makeup and watch your favorite TV series without interrupting the process?
• Listen to your favorite music from iTunes, YouTube Music, or Google music with high-quality and loud sound out of the glass?
• Relaxing after a hard day in the bathroom with a glass of Chilean juice, watching your favorite movie on the 43 inches mirror screen, and control the mirror using voice commands. How do you like it?
• Go in for sports, keep fit, healthy diet – it would be great to go to the mirror to see all the information about your health – wouldn’t it? – Not a problem at all – smart scales, skin analyzer, and fitness bracelet – which are synchronized with your smartphone – will provide you with all the information you need while you brush your teeth!
Great, isn’t it?

Touch screen smart mirror

Do your little children hate the routine of brushing their teeth? And together with their favorite cartoon character in the mirror or an educational cartoon, they will do it with great pleasure!

• Vision Smart Mirror from Aquadom synchronizes with your calendar, laptop, or to-do planner on your smartphone – you won’t miss anything – the smart mirror will notify you about an upcoming event, a scheduled meeting, or an upcoming holiday!
• Hurry going to work, but you need to apply makeup – a smart mirror will help you call a taxi.
All this and many other useful and convenient functions are now in your smart mirror – Vision from Aquadom!

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