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For people repairing a small apartment, the main problem is a lack of free space. In this case, as a rule, plumbing fixtures must be installed in a room with an area of 5 Ft x 7 Ft. This applies not only to the toilet bowl or shower stall but also to furniture.

Often it isn’t easy to plan space properly. This is because people need a lot of niches for the following accessories: household chemicals, personal hygiene items. You will have to use a dressing table, sink, mirror, and others in one room. The arrangement should be comfortable and harmonious.

For people who look at the photo of bathrooms with different designs to pick out the right option. This is because everyone can find more than 20 ideas, even for a small bathroom. People who used these tips correctly improved the design and made the room more comfortable. This is what our store customers are seeking.


Light & Dark Style

For a small bathroom, we recommend white, crimson colors. People who choose these options will be able to increase the space visually in an apartment where daylight does not penetrate. People who buy tile should prefer white, light green, light gray. The mirror option for a small bathroom is more suitable than matte.

Using a monochrome shade can be a good idea for repairing in the bathroom. If the walls are painted in black, white, and gray, you can choose a tile in a contrasting color. If you decide to use the tile for the floor, select an angle of 45 degrees. Such a tile will create the illusion of increased space. If you choose this method of decoration, you should buy more tiles. You should take these tips into account so as not to be disappointed.

Shower or Bathtub

Which plumbing fixtures to choose for a small bathroom? It’s one of the main questions for many people. They can install a bath or shower. If you prefer relaxation, the bathtub is undoubtedly better. But in a small bath, people do not have much free space. In this case, if you install a shower, it’s an opportunity to increase functionality. This is a fact that hardly anyone will deny.

A shower stall is convenient and functional plumbing fixtures. If you choose this option, do not be disappointed. This is due to several advantages. Firstly, if you need to douche, you do not have to wait until one of the relatives gets out of the bathtub. The shower people usually take quickly.

How Many Mirrors Should be Used in the Bathroom?

Do you decide to redesign a bathroom? Be sure to install a large mirror or medicine cabinet. The mirror can be so large that it overlays the entire wall above the sink. This is an excellent decorative element. You can choose an oval or rectangular option. As an alternative to a large mirror in the bathroom, everyone can use mirrors fixed on the wall instead of some tile parts. This way, you can save on materials. You can also choose glass shower doors with a mirror as an alternative.


If you decide to repair the bathroom, it will not be easy. Initially, you should consult an experienced designer and contractors. This is the only way to prevent the most common misconceptions. Such problems are excluded if you order furniture in our online stores. This is because company employees are very responsible for their mission. You can call 718-412-3675 and consult today.

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