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48 Inch Bathroom Sink

Often, especially original ideas and sizes are used to embody high-tech styles. Since the bathroom is a room that is often used for a limited time, there is where to roam. As part of this style, you can easily install a rather large sink with the same huge, space-like countertop and the same extraordinary faucet. In addition, you do not need to be limited to traditional materials: for example, sinks made of steel or glass will look very organic. And since these materials are relatively light, even excessively large.

In a large family, the problem is probably familiar when the bickering begins in the morning about who will be the first to brush their teeth. So, now it can be easily resolved and the dispute will lose its former relevance. Especially for such cases, some manufacturers took care and created huge sinks elongated along the length, and with two mixers. In addition, such a washbasin will look very stylish and unusual, it will save the family from the morning worries of carving up a bathroom. This option will most likely appeal to children most of all, because there is enough space for both the elder and the younger. However, a large shell may have another advantage. For example, you have a large dog. Well, do not wash the animal in your own bathroom, it is somehow not very hygienic, and then you will have to wash your favorite font for a very long time. But the animal can easily fit into a large shell.

If we talk about the shape of large shells, then it is still more practical to install a rectangular elongated wall. The oval sink will take up much more space, and the bulky look cannot be compensated for even in a very large room. It is hardly possible to find a hanging sink of such dimensions, therefore, most likely, you will have to hide the extra elements with an impressive curbstone or, more simply, a “washstand”.

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