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30 Inch

30 Inch Bathroom Sink

Before starting to renovate the bathroom, many try to arrange the washbasin area as best as possible. And this is not surprising. After all, it is the sink that we use much more often than the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the functionality of the new washbasin, and most importantly, its size.

> In the modern range of sanitary ware you can find absolutely any shape, color and size of sinks and washbasins. This time, our main theme was sinks from the minimum size to the impressive dimensions. Which sink to install is a matter of taste for everyone. Someone chooses depending on the material, someone prefers any color, just not white. And there are those who want to see only a huge sink in their favorite bathroom and nothing else. This is not to say that this is a very rational decision, but with the right accessories it will look impressive. Visually, the size of the sink increases even more if it flows smoothly into the countertop. This option looks very stylish, especially in a perfectly white design. There is not a single seam in the cast countertop washbasin – it will inflate the eye with its solidity and whiteness. The wings of the molded tabletop may well serve as a bedside table or stand, replacing some of the furniture in the bathroom. This extra space further enhances the functionality of the washbasin. However, we must admit that such a product is not so easy to keep in pristine cleanliness. A single space requires more thorough cleaning, and if the washbasin itself is not difficult to wash, then the countertop should be washed without streaks: even the smallest traces, for example, from cosmetics, will “burn” on it with a bright spot.

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