Single sink bathroom vanity

Our catalog of beautiful single bathroom vanities is sure to have the perfect bathroom vanity for your guest room or mid-size bathroom.

We specialize in providing only the most gorgeous vanities of the highest caliber. Our modern bathroom cabinets are built to exude the sheer beauty of the contemporary aesthetic. Essentially, the contemporary aesthetic dictates that simplicity and efficiency beget beauty; that the extent to which a piece is complicated or ornate does not determine how lovely it truly is. This is an axiom we have taken to heart. All of our furniture is meticulously engineered to be uncomplicated, yet stunning; an attractive piece of bedroom décor that enhances a room’s unique look, without overwhelming it.

Our single bathroom vanities are available in a range of sizes, all suited to fit your small or guest bathroom needs. For the perfect small bathroom remodeling project, nothing is more efficient than our elegant and space-saving small vanities. Not only do they take up the minimal floor and wall space in your bathroom, but they also provide ample storage space within the cabinet, utilizing a compact plumbing system that maximizes interior volume.

Our modern vanities are available in a number of unique installation styles, as well, all tailor-made to perfectly suit your bathroom. Our floor-standing small vanities are traditional cabinets with sturdy steel feet supporting them for any number of standard applications. Our pedestal vanities are truly modern in appearance, featuring a uniform cabinet that stands directly on the ground. We also feature a number of breathtaking wall-mounted modern vanities and corner vanities that free up plenty of additional space beneath the cabinet. No matter what your bathroom needs, you will find it here at

Take a look at our extensive selection of top-grade single bathroom vanities, and see firsthand our commitment to quality. We pride ourselves on hand-selecting only the best and most beautiful modern vanities on the market and sharing these elegant works of modern art with you.