Simple bathroom designs for small spaces

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Simple bathroom designs

Modern trends for bathroom renovation are very various. This is because different people have specific preferences. Corner bathtubs are suitable only for some layouts, in other cases, people install a shower or bathtub. Equally popular are ideas if you have space when people install a bathtub and shower. If you have chosen a shower with a clear door, this is a good idea. This way you get open clear space in the shower and use the space efficiently. This is not the only good idea for people who want to renovate in the bathroom. While most of us would love to get a whole new bathroom, the expense of doing it all can be off-putting. It can cost thousands of dollars if you want to renovate your bathroom completely. However, if you are looking to give your bathroom spruce up, not all is lost. Here are a few small things you can do to give your bathroom a whole new lease of life.

Window in the Bathroom

How the wall surfaces in the bathroom are illuminated is important. Light quality affects comfort. This is unlikely anyone will deny. However, not all bathrooms include a window. But even if you are lucky, to arrange such a room, while maintaining privacy and external aesthetics, can be quite difficult. Let’s figure out which option, in this case, people can choose.

No lamps can replace real sunlight. If you have a bath with a window, you should be scrupulous. It concerns the choice of bathroom furniture and tiles. Dressing tables or toilet bowl should be placed so that the lighting does not cause discomfort. This also applies to a mirror or medicine cabinet. Therefore, if your bathroom is with a window, it is a good design and you’re lucky.

Room Ventilation

A bathroom is a specific compartment. This is due to increased humidity. If the bathroom has a window, you will feel more comfortable. This is because you can raise the glass so that fresh air from the outside gets into the room. It doesn’t depend on the weather outside. If you live in a private house, this is an additional advantage. Such people can always relax by looking out the window. If you combine this activity with a bath, you can get a relaxing effect. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small or large.

Black and White Design

If your bathroom is small, but with a window, dark shades will also be suitable. The black tile looks more expensive and noble. You can choose the option with large patterns to make a contrast with white fixtures. As a result, it will be possible to realize an elegant design and achieve comfort. In the case of designing a bathroom with a window with a light style, you can also achieve a relaxed atmosphere. Such a room looks more aesthetically. For large and small baths, this is a universal idea. People choosing this design will never be disappointed. They write mostly complimentary reviews. These are opinions regarding comfort and design.


Everyone who is puzzled by renovation in the bathroom should be scrupulous. This is not an easy task. Without experience, it is unlikely to implement a specific design. Therefore, many turn to professionals. So they can prevent the most common misconceptions.

If you contact our staff, you can be sure that they help you and you will get what you look for. This is because our employees understand the specifics of design and they can advise of the tile and plumbing. If you have questions you can call today at 718-412-3675

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