Bathroom side cabinet


Side cabinets are an indispensable attribute of almost every bathroom.
– Despite their compact exterior dimensions, side cabinets’ interior space is characterized by spaciousness that can accommodate a large number of small items used in the bathroom. Side cabinets are able to protect these items from prying eyes, moisture and dust by being positioned behind glass or mirror doors.
– Installation is performed on the wall surface so that the space under the cabinet remains free of obstruction and may be used for the installation of any of the plumbing equipment (washbasin, washing machine).
– This furniture does not require too much care. All that is needed is to periodically wipe the surface with a soft sponge soaked in detergent.


What materials can the side cabinet for the bathroom be manufactured from:

All furniture, including wall cabinets for the bathroom, are made only from materials that have the following advantages:
– high resistance to moisture.
– resistance to extreme temperatures.
Lumber is mainly used for manufacturing. After processing, it’s surface is covered with protective compounds and special coatings. Models differ in shapes, sizes, colors, and many other things. Therefore, you can easily purchase side cabinets that will fit perfectly into the existing design of a bathroom. They will perfectly last for many years thanks to their high quality.
During the production process, special attention is paid not only to basic supplies but also to the quality of the accessories that are being used. Most commonly used accessories (pens, sheds, fasteners, hinges) made from chrome-plated steel. The latter one’s advantage is its high resistance to corrosion.

Where to buy-side cabinets for the bathroom:

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