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Showerpipe Showers

Exposed Pipe Shower & Shower Panels

More comfort, more fun in the shower.

 Have you dreamt about an oversized rain shower? It is Incredible how easy it is to install a Hansgrohe overhead shower into your bathroom without complex repair, even in an already-decorated bathroom. The solution is called “Showerpipe.” The exposed Pipe Shower’s shower system comprises an overhead shower and a hand shower with a faucet. Or a shower panel, that is, a ready-to-install pre-assembled shower system. You will thoroughly enjoy the comfort, design, and delight thanks to Select technology. A simple touch of a button controls it.

Showerpipe Showers

Showerpipe Showers

Exposed Pipe Shower 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building from scratch or want to make repairs: Hansgrohe shower systems are an excellent solution for increasing the comfort and quality of your bathroom. Beautiful ensembles are called Rainmaker Select Showerpipe or Raindance Select E 300 and consist of an overhead shower, a hand shower, and a thermostat. The easy way to add special equipment using Raindance Connect: the hand shower turns into a shower system with lightning-fast speed.

Shower panels are the best solution for absolute water enjoyment.

Complete relaxation program: overhead and hand showers with different types of jets, plus a full body massage from side jets. Shower panels are easily installed and have all the components built into them. Shower panel Raindance Lift with adjustable height is suitable for each family member.

The following advantages are in favor of shower systems Hansgrohe:

  • It’s a large variety. You can find your shower solution and transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and recreation among our many models and price categories.
  • Minor planning costs. If you want to redecorate your bathroom, these comprehensive solutions are ideal. After all, their implementation does not require time-consuming planning and installation of individual components.
  • Easy installation. The professional connects the system instead of your old faucet in the shower or bath without the burden of opening the walls.
  • Hansgrohe has innovative technologies, such as AirPower, QuickClean, and XXL Performance.

Raindance Select E 300: with the button for all generations.

Even the design evokes a desire to take a shower. And the intuitive operating concept helps to do it with comfort.

The Select button on the hand and overhead shower make selecting the type of jet and shower in the Raindance Select E 300 system extremely convenient. You can choose up to six types of jets with a simple touch of a button: three different types of jets from the overhead shower, plus three classes from the hand shower. This creates a unique effect in showering for any age and height. None other than the joy of pressing a button.

There is a choice of two types of surfaces:

  • completely chrome-plated products
  • a fresh combination of two colors: a chrome-plated surface with a white shower cover

Shower system Showerpipe Croma Select: comfort on a new level.

Showerpipe Croma Select is a comprehensive system that delights you with five spray modes activated by a button: three types of jets from the hand shower and two aircraft from the overhead shower. The overhead shower turns in different directions, which allows you to arrange it regardless of connections. A shower system is easy to install on existing plumbing connections, perfect for a quick bathroom renovation. The assortment includes models with EcoSmart technology with a 9 liters/min water flow rate and models in diverse designs and with different surface materials.

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