If you’re in the market to purchase a Mass-Air/Whirlpool combo, but the area of the premises or its high cost creates certain limitations, we propose to take a look at the shower panels with hydro massage. The shower panel combines functional elements such as hand shower, top rain shower and massage jets, whose number can vary from 4 to 12.


One of the advantages of panels are their small compact size and inexpensive price. The shower panel (it’s synonym is shower rack) is easy to assemble and can even be installed instead of the conventional faucet on a bathtub. If you buy and installing a hydro massage panel, you will be able to revitalize your body by means of water jets that will relax your muscles, relieve pain and improve blood circulation. You will also get a lot of positive emotions.

The chosen shower panel with top rain shower should match the design features of a shower cabin, so they can be mounted on the corner or on the wall.There is also a difference in their organization: it can be manual or electronic. The number of the shower heads, the number of whirlpool jets and the diameter of the upper tropical heads may vary. There can also be an absence or presence of a thermostatic valve.

Today, shower panels with massage jets made of different materials are quite often used in shower rooms. It’s acryl, polystyrene, aluminum, glass and even solid wood. Acryl is the main material for their production. It is not too expensive and does not require special care.Its advantage is the possibility of creating virtually any complex shape. It also has an affordable price.With regards to its technical characteristics, when you choose such products exclusively for hydro massage purposes, you should pay attention to the quantity, location, and to the type and the ability to adjust the jet injectors.Also, preference should be given to those models that are equipped with a self-cleaning system that gets rid of lime deposits.The control panel should be accessible and convenient, with the availability of additional shelves for bathroom accessories. You can find and order shower panels with option suitable for your needs and at the right price in our online catalog at and in our showroom located at 1973 65th Street Brooklyn, New York 11204.