Italian showers LaToscana! A style of convenience

The Italian shower has real success when we talk about luxury bathrooms. they are beautiful, modern and easily accessible. Today, it is sophisticated even by integrating a space for the seat, coat rack, to dry and dress comfortably. You must consider the comfort and convenience when going to install a shower. Italian showers offered in standard sizes are available easily, but however, you can order custom sizes as well if your requirement is different like curved or semi-straight, most of their designs are beyond 6 mm thick & self-supporting. However no vendor or brand can guarantee unbreakable showers.

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Italian designs, in particular, are tested & every possible effort being made to minimize accidental breakage that causes human injury.In fact, the concept of Italian showers simply means faultless sanitary & reliability. Italian showers must be equipped with a floor drain with high volume so that the water drains very quickly, avoiding any risk of flooding.

Its effectiveness depends upon the diameter of the drain which must be at least 90 mm? but also that of the pipe, at least 50 mm, and much wider than it is long. one the other hand, construction of a walk-in shower, in particular, requires the expertise of a qualified professional, who ensure the year guarantee of work.

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