Factors to consider when shopping for bathroom vanity

 When shopping for the bathroom vanity

There are a number of things you need to consider when buying or deciding on buying bath vanities for your house bathrooms. The first factor to consider is whether to use a sink console or a bathroom vanity in your new house. Your answer to these two important considerations will depend on your bathroom space and the number of items you will be stored in your bathroom. In the event that your space is not so big enough, then you will be forced to go for bathroom vanity and forego a sink console.


Space is one of the important factors because it is a basis in which to decide what type of bathroom accessory you will require. Note that a bathroom sink console is an independent sink that stands on its own. On the other hand, the bathroom vanities are known to comprise of different accessories in one set. For example, a good bathroom vanity come fully equipped with a cabinet, a sink on top and drawers. This will be helpful as you will have all you want for your bathroom in one place.
On the contrary, there will not need to buy bathroom vanities if your bathroom space is large enough because you will have enough space to fit various accessories such as a huge bathtub, a sink fitted in all angles of the world and other big bathrooms accessories. This is because bathroom vanities work best in the event that you need to preserve space within your bathroom and if your bathroom is so small that you can’t afford to waste space.


The bathroom vanity cabinets actually are available in the widths of 18 inches to 48 inches and in the increments of 6 inches. While looking for the bathroom vanities on the internet or in the stores, you can shop on where you will find the wide range of the styles and the sizes. From the traditional to the contemporary, you must select from the vanity cabinets that are made from woods like walnut, maple, oak, cherry as well as finished with the high gloss lacquer, which showcases natural wood finish.

So, here are some types of bathroom cabinets:

• Open shelving – corner shelving, recessed shelving, or surface mounted shelves.

• Cabinetry – The bathroom vanity cabinets, recessed cabinets, wall cabinets, as well as medicine cabinets.

• Linen closets, built-in closets, towers with baskets, or cabinets and freestanding bathroom cabinets that extend from floor to your ceiling and give the best bathroom storage for the linens or other items.

• Over toilet cabinets – cabinets use wall space over the toilet for the storage cabinets.
You must find the bathroom cabinets in these styles:
The face frame cabinets. The bathroom cabinets may give your bathroom traditional as well as a formal look. Frame & panel doors are made to frame your cabinet box, and hinges are hidden from the view or quite visible.
Frameless cabinets or the European style. The modern bathroom vanities may give your bathroom the contemporary look.