Right Medicine Cabinet at the Right Place

Installing the Right Medicine Cabinet at the Right Place in your House

Our medicines need place to stay and with that idea, the best place to keep our medicine is in the medicine cabinets. Medicine cabinets are mostly made of wood or you can say they are wooden. They are wooden in the sense that this is a requirement by the medical professionals. All types of medicine should be stored in a cool, dry and a place free from moisture and humidity. Medicine cabinet may be placed at any room as long as it is not within the toilet rooms. There are a number of medicine cabinets that you can choose to install in your house. These types should be able to meet your needs and preferences.

The best place to install you medicine cabinet

Most of the people get confused when it comes to where to put the medicine cabinet. The best place to put your cabinet is either within the bathroom, kitchen or even within the living room. When deciding where to put your medicine cabinet, it is important to consider two main factors. Accessibility is one of the main factors. Accessibility is basically related to the need to ensure that the cabinet is within reach even when someone is new and not familiar with the house. For example, the first place that a visitor can think of getting first aid kit is in the kitchen where there is a medicine cabinet. However, putting the medicine cabinet in the kitchen might alter chemical formula of the medicine. Always consider to put medicine cabinet in a place where everyone can access it.

Using the bathroom medicine cabinet

Bathroom medicine cabinet is the good way you can save some space, mainly if room is small. Suppose bathroom is just half bath, like is used often for the guest facilities near the party room, then situation is more critical. Till you are the contractor, probably you aren’t aware about what the local plumbing code needs to say about placement of the bathroom facilities. The toilet should have 30″ of the space to sit, and sink requires 20″. It means suppose you’re considering installing these fixtures on same wall, then you will need more than 4feet of the wall space.
Just by putting either toilet or sink in a corner, it may need very less space on the wall. Thus, if wall is very long enough, then you can put in the bigger sink and vanity. The manufacturers of the bathroom facilities exactly know this, thus many make the corner fixtures. Suppose your home decor is a bit modern, then there are a lot of bathroom medicine cabinets that you can select from that can match the style. Or suppose you prefer the antique, or the vintage look, then you may buy the real antique, or simulated reproduction. So you can see that there are quite a few options that you have when choosing the medicine cabinet in your bathroom at an affordable range.

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