Located in the stylish borough of Brooklyn, NY, New Bathroom Style’s showroom has everything you need for your bathroom. Opened in 2011, our bathroom showroom boasts a large selection of beautiful bathroom vanities, shower doors, ceramic tiles, and other modern bathroom furniture. A one-stop shop for luxury bathroom products and featuring imported bathroom furniture from Spain and Italy, you’ll only find items of the highest quality at New Bathroom Style.

Focused on providing excellent customer service, every member of the team will help you to fully envision your dream bathroom from start to finish. Taking you through each step of the process and showing you a variety of bathroom pieces that are perfect for your home, New Bathroom Style offers bathroom furniture for any budget and every taste. Everyone wants a bathroom that they are proud of and that will impress their friends and family. And at New Bathroom Style, you will find products for your bathroom that will do exactly that.


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We are proud to receive consistently exceptional online reviews. New Bathroom Style strives for excellence in the service we provide you and the products that we offer. Affordable and modern, you can create a beautiful bathroom from the pieces we sell.Did you receive exceptional customer service from us? Did you find what you needed at our bathroom supply store? We always appreciate hearing from our customers. Check out our glowing 5* Google reviews or leave your own review below now!

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New Bathroom Style
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 83 reviews
by Forrest Morris on New Bathroom Style
I bought bathroom vanity with big discount. In the showroom, many displays with the bathroom cabinets. Tips: if you need a bathroom vanity, go to the store in Brooklyn New Bathroom Style. Definitely check them out!

Thank you for your feedback!

by Adam Shelton on New Bathroom Style
This store has a great selection of the bathroom vanities and Sergio are incredibly helpful and very friendly. They are a great shop.

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by Victoria Mo on New Bathroom Style
I found New Bathroom Style through an online store search and found the perfect vanity for our bathroom. They have an awesome selection are the nicest people! They even gave us a small discount just because!

Thank you for an excellent review

by T.S. on New Bathroom Style
Went around Brooklyn today looking for nice bathroom vanity. At the end of the day, we visited New Bathroom Style. It has a large selection of contemporary/modern bathroom vanities and mirrors in various styles, colors, and sizes. Sergey showed us his collection and was very helpful. We finally found a vanity we liked. Sergey was able to offer us a good price for a completely new vanity. He even hand trucked the box to our car. Overall, great service and great price!

Thank You

by Donna P. on New Bathroom Style
I see that many people here have an issue with the owner attitude. I say, we all have a bad day, and it matters how others around us respond to us as well. Sergey, appeared to be frustrated and disheveled the first time we met him. There was a family with children who were running around the store while the parents were giving Sergey a hard time. He has a lot of expensive merchandise in the store, and it may not be a good idea bringing little children to places like this. We left, because we felt like we weren't getting the answers we needed. But, after looking around other stores in Brooklyn and Queens, his store seemed like the most reasonable price for European vanity. I finally decided to come back. On a second visit, he was able to give us more attention. We did not purchase the vanity originally, and we visited about the store 3 times before we decided on the vanity we wanted. He even persuaded me not to get a certain mirror due to it's quality. We bought a sink, a vanity cabinet and a mirror from him. After my bathroom was remodeled, the contractors put up the mirror, and they threw away the box. A few days later, they realized that the lights around the mirror did not work, and that the wiring was faulty. Sergey, contacted the factory who did not want to take the mirror back due to a missing box. He gave us a floor sample of his mirror. We enjoyed his service, and after schlepping around Brooklyn and looking for room and bathroom doors, we ended up purchasing doors for our bathroom and rooms from him, and door handles. We even referred some friends to his store, because his door prices are a bargain.

Thank you for an excellent review.

by Christie Black on New Bathroom Style
I purchased an entirely new bathroom off of New Style Bathroom and love it. Great quality and the installations weren't nightmare. Thanks guys!

Thank you for an excellent review. We always strive to do to our best to satisfy our clients.

by Levana Brani on New Bathroom Style
I started remodeling my house a little over a year ago and have dealt with more than a few stores and companies and New Style Bathroom was probably the best experience. They were helpful, knowledgeable about their selection and on time with delivery which was a huge plus. I'm going back and suggest everyone give them a try. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Thank you for an excellent review. We always strive to do to our best to satisfy our clients.

by John Lock on New Bathroom Style
Went there last week with my wife hoping to get our whole bathroom redone. When first walking in we thought, wow they have really nice stuff. The sales associate or who ever he is , Sergio or something, asked us if we need any help. We said yes, and he was being very rude and unhelpful to us the whole hour we were there till we just couldn't take him anymore. The other employee was trying to be as helpful as he could and was trying to relax the other guy who was just yelling in a foreign language. If it wasnt for Sergio they would have made a big sale. If the manager reads this, please fire the old guy, Sergio.

Fake Review!!!!! We did not have such customer!!! Possibly the John Lock mixed up the store.

by Robert Krug on New Bathroom Style
I'm an interior designer and am constantly looking for new, affordable, places to direct my client to and New Bathroom Style in Brooklyn is my new favorite place. I had a couple really great experiences there and love that they are willing to work with you.

Thank you for an excellent review. We always strive to do to our best to satisfy our clients.

by Inna Kushnirski on New Bathroom Style
On a scale of 1-10 our experience was a perfect 10. Firstly the owner is extremely knowledgeable, patient and friendly. Very conscious of our budget and style. Not pushy at all which is one thing I can't stand. Has a lot of products to choose from. Would recommend this place over any other that we went to. Even gave us quarters when our parking was running out 🙂 how is that for service?

Thank you for an excellent review. We always strive to do to our best to satisfy our clients.

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