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Renovating A Bathroom What To Do First


You have purchased a new apartment or a house. However, the dull bathroom does not cause delight? Or, maybe, the sewage system in the old toilet is leaking, and it is necessary to change the pipes? In any case, the idea appears to make the bathroom more comfortable and modern. Here you may understand that you need to start renovating a bathroom. It is only essential to have the patience that a proper home master possesses, calculate the required finances to create a dream bathroom, and allocate time for the renovation.

How to start renovation in the bathroom?

The idea is waiting for implementation. An experienced specialist who has equipped more than one apartment and knows all the nuances of repair work in cramped rooms will tell you how to start renovation in the bathroom competently.

How to start a bathroom renovation? No, not with the purchase of finishing and other materials. Not from telling neighbors about what a superb job the landlord has undertaken. Renovation starts with planning. If you are not satisfied with the size of the room, redevelopment is needed. For example, someone connects a restroom and a bathroom by removing the partition. Someone will “bite off” a few square feet from the corridor to expand the bathroom. It is important to remember that if the premises have the status of residential ones, no one will ever allow them to be given away for household needs. So, if the corridor is considered a living area, it will not expand the cleanroom at its expense.

Renovating A Bathroom Together With New Bathroom Style

Renovating A Bathroom Together With New Bathroom Style

How to start a bathroom renovation if no redevelopment is necessary? 

Also, with planning. You can draw an approximate plan of the bathroom by hand, indicating where the plumbing fixtures, cabinets and shelves, pipes, lamps, and household appliances should be located. This will help prevent mistakes in the placement of the main objects – a bathtub or shower, toilet, sink with a vanity, and a medicine cabinet in the room. For example, you decided to install a bathtub in a cozy niche but did not think they would have to pull the water supply to the bathroom through the entire room. As a result, planning mistakes can be costly.

When the plan is ripe, it is worth dismantling the pipes and plumbing that have overserved their time to start repairs in the bathroom. Then it will be the turn to dismantle the finish from the surfaces. After that, there is a cleaning of the premises, cleaning of construction waste. And only then can you deal with leveling the walls, tidying up the ceiling and floor, installing sewer pipes, electricity, finishing, and other works. But before you start repairing the bathroom, you need to supply yourself with a calculator and estimate how much the improvement will cost.

When shopping for construction materials, you may choose better quality and, at the same time, relatively inexpensive products. Renovation of an apartment is inconceivable without the bathroom renovation – this is the rule of high-quality home furnishing. So how do you start your bathroom renovation? With a well-thought-out plan, this is the very first condition of the project.

What To Do First Renovating Your Old Bathroom

What To Do First Renovating Your Old Bathroom


What are the first steps to start bathroom renovation?

When you have already dismantled everything and cleaned the room. When you have already bought all the necessary equipment, then where is the starting point of a bathroom renovation is?:

  • Leveling of vertical surfaces. Cement-based plaster or gypsum plaster is a good option. Experienced craftsmen advise taking gypsum plaster. They say it is easier to work with it. Using the lighthouses to maintain the desired level and treat the walls with a plaster mixture would be best.
  • Leveling horizontal surfaces. The beginning of the renovation in the bathroom is, first of all, the tidying up of the floor. A suitable screed is needed; cement mixtures should be used for these works.
  • Waterproofing works. The mixture is poured into two layers to prevent water from entering the lower apartments. Thus, the beginning of repairs in the bathroom is postponed if waterproofing materials are not purchased. This point needs to be thought out in advance.
  • Installation of a plumbing system – experienced builders advise buying polypropylene pipes for the riser, but you need to make a quality product, even if it costs more.
Time to repair an old bathroom

Time to repair an old bathroom

It is believed that polypropylene pipes are of higher quality than metal-plastic ones. Advantages:

  • resistant to mechanical damage;
  • the pipe structure does not delaminate;
  • not afraid of temperature changes;
  • thermal conductivity is low;
  • easy to assemble;
  • Service life – around 25 years.
  1.  Installation of the sewerage system. The beginning of the renovation in the bathroom is impossible without the purchase of the necessary pipes. Builders recommend plastic with a diameter of 2 inches. It is easier for beginners to work with such lines, and there is no need to call a plumber for help. It should not be forgotten that the slope towards the riser should be about one and a half to three degrees so that you can prevent possible blockages in the sewer.
  2.  Electrical wiring. The beginning of the renovation in the bathroom also involves the work on the conduction of network cables to appliances and fixtures. In this case, electrical outlets must be fixed at such a height that they are comfortable.
  3.  Installation of a box or cabinet that covers the water pipes. It is necessary to use a metal skeleton lined with plasterboard for its structure. It is a waterproof material. Therefore it is quite suitable for a damp room. Repairers recommend leaving the window in the box so that the work does not “suffocate.


These works complete the project entitled “Start of bathroom renovation.” This is followed by finishing and cosmetic work.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

It is clear that if you involve specialists in the renovation, you will have to spend several times more money than when you will do the installation and decoration by yourself. Therefore, the question “How much does a bathroom renovation cost?” will not get a clear answer without an actual estimate of the cost of the work.

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