Watts 5-Stage, 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

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Model: W-525

Specification Data
Membrane 50 GPD
Maximum pressure 100 psi
Minimum pressure 40 psi
Maximum TDS 2,000 PPM
Maximum hardness 15 GPG
Maximum Iron 0.3 PPM
Maximum HS 0.0 PPM
Tubing (tank & faucet) 3/8″
Tubing (other) 1/4″

Watts new 525 Series RO’s are assembled in the U.S.A. and are NSF certified.
Systems include: upscale ceramic disc faucet, John Guest® fittings, Watts® Brand Cartridges and 3/8” fittings & tubing after bladder tank.


SKU: W-525 Category

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Features & Benefits

Watts “525” ROs are our best selling certified model, offering third party documentation
and exceptional performance! Features and benefits include:
• Five stage treatment for superior performance.
• 50 GPM membrane (Made in USA).
• Designer chrome faucet with ceramic disc for greater durability.
• Genuine John Guest® fittings throughout for optimum security.
• 3/8” post filter and 3/8” tubing to faucet for greater flow.
• Assembled in USA.
• Certified by NSF International (Std. 58) for third-party documentation.
• Certified to NSF / ANSI Std. 58 for Pentavalent Arsenic reduction.
• One year limited warranty from date of purchase.

Replacement Components
Components Part number
Pre-filter, sediment, 5 micron IF-SP-1005
Pre-filter, carbon, 5 micron F109009
Pre-filter, carbon, 5 micron F109009
Membrane W-1812-50
Post filter W560033
Faucet FU-WDF-905-CP
Tank FRO-132-WH
Fittings (inlet, outlet) Quick Connect
Feed water valve F560070/F560080