Hydrotech Pura Quick-Change 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

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Model : QCRO4V-50

The innovative PURA twist and lock design makes service simple. Twist off the old cartridge and twist on the new. No messy sump removal. PURA DWS makes drinking water better and life easier.

Hydrotech’s latest RO features quick-change cartridges, which can be customized for changing water conditions. These proprietary cartridges also simplify the regular replacement as required – typically on an annual basis. The QCRO delivers bottle water quality without the hassle or cost.

High quality reverse osmosis membrane
50 gallons output per day
Sediment pre-filtration
Pre & post carbon block filtration
1/4″ Quick-Connect fittings
Color coded tubing for ease of installation
Installation hardware
Chrome faucet
Storage tank

SKU: QCRO4V-50 Category

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Purpose TDS Reduction
Type Thin film Composite Membrane
Recovery 25%
TDS Reduction % 95%
Rating 50 and 75 GPD
Minimum Flow Rate @ 60psi 0.5 gal/min
Quick Change Filter Dimensions 7.54 x 30.9 (2.96” x 12.17”)
Inlet/Outlet Connections 1/4” Quick Connect
Working Temperature Range 4-38° C (40-100° F)
Working Pressure Range 207-828 kPa (30-120 psi)