NOVA Triplex-043 White interior door

$770.00 $570.00

NOVA Triplex-043 White interior door

18″, 24″, 28″,30″,32″, 36″

Door sell with molding and frame

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NOVA Triplex-043 White interior door

It can be hard to get excited about an apartment door. But this Triplex door has a lot to be excited about. First, it’s made from Siberian pine. Secondly, it gives you privacy when you are relaxing in your room through two panes of glass and a piece of film. Finally, you don’t have to choose a size that’s ‘good enough’ because it can be customized to fit just about any size.

Model Triplex 043
Color White
Finish Lacquered
Glass Yes – Triplex Glas (Glass-Film-Glass)
Door Construction Solid Pine Wood with MDF
Door Slab Height 80 inches
Door Slab Width 17-1/4″, 23-1/4″, 27-1/4″, 29-1/4″, 31-1/4″, 35-1/4″
Door Thickness 1-1/2 inches
Door Slab Weight N/A
Minimum Rough Opening 20″ x 82″, 26″ x 82″, 30″ x 82″, 32″ x 82″, 34″ x 82″, 38″ x 82″
Jamb Width 3-3/4 inches
Door Molding Width 2-3/4 inches
Custom Size Any Width. Height Up to 92 Inches
Custom Color Over 30 Colors Available for Custom Order
Fire Rating None
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