Modern Interior Door M61 Black Walnut

$395.00 $285.00

4.7 rating

Interior Door Nova Model M-61

Available in sizes:
24″, 28″, 30″, 32″, 36″

Molding and frame included

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Modern Interior Door 

MDF frame a molding set:
PVC laminated MDF jamb with the wood center so all screws go into the wood. frames comes matching to doors, adjustable 4 – 6 inch jamb, all fastening screws are later concealed by door stopper so no need to fill in holes left from screws. 2 1/2 inch molding ties the whole set together moldings can be cut at 45 degrees or finished strait to give a more modern look, installers choice.

MDF interior doors: constructed using a solid wood skeleton around the perimeter and a wider piece of wood towards the middle of the door, this is done to ensure that any drilling or fastening during installation will be done into the wood. MDF strips are then placed throughout the door in 6-inch intervals to add support, PVC laminated panels are then applied, each side is laminated prior to Assembly this ensures that the PVC veneer will never come off. Many doors may look the same but our innovative design gives the consumer an absolutely maintenance free product that lasts.