Fine-Fixtures 40-Inch SUNDANCE Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Color Glossy-Black

Wall mount modern bathroom vanity

Size Bathroom vanity:
Sundance grand vanity:
Product width: 39 ¼”
Product depth: 18”
Product height: 18 ⅞”

Sundance space saver vanity:
Product width: 23 ⅝”
Product depth: 18 ⅜”
Product height: 18 ⅞”
Bathroom Vanity Color: Glossy Black
Bathroom Vanity Sink: Ceramic
Vanity Sink: With overflow
Popup Drain Included: No
Legs: No
Faucet Included: No
Mirror Included: No
This price of bathroom vanity is valid only in the showroom. For shipping information please call: 718-412-3675

$1,450.00 $999.00


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Fine-Fixtures 40-Inch SUNDANCE Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Color Glossy-Black

This is a highly luxurious bathroom vanity cabinet Fine Fixtures. It is made out of the highest quality MDF/DM material on the market. This Bathroom Vanity Cabinet can fit in any ultra-modern design view in your bathroom. This is a wall mount bathroom vanity cabinet with the possibility to use one leg in the center. It has a ceramic sink with overflow. The top drawer has a very useful organizer. In the middle of each drawer, there is a hollow space for connecting the plumbing pipe. Also, the drawers can be easily taken out for maintenance, if necessary. All hardware is included. With a minimalistic and modern design, this vanity is perfect for small space. The bathroom vanity Sundance offers ample storage for all of your washroom necessities. Ever the retro powder room station, Sundance is art deco fused with a festival vibe. Super retro and fun, it’s still a simplistic work of art in terms of outline and finishes. Even with the color rush in retro red, its outline is definitively sleek, chic and sophisticated. Doubling as an office vanity, Sundance is a popular choice for bold, yet practical, storage and display solutions with a futuristic concept.