Blossom 72 inch Double Vanity Set Monaco Matte White with Linen Cabinet

Blossom 72 inch Double Bathroom Vanity Set Monaco Matte White with two medicine cabinet and Linen Cabinet

Bathroom vanity set in our Showroom. You can buy all the items separately in our store

• Solid Wood Frame Construction
• Soft Close Doors and Drawers
• Extra Deep Under-Mount Basin
• White Quartz Counter-Top with Backsplash
• Counter-Top with Backsplash
• Ceramic Under-Mount Double Basins

Vanity: 30″ W x 21-7/8″ D x 19-1/2″ H
Vanity Bridge: 12″ W x 21-7/8″ D x 19-1/2″ H
Counter-Top: 72-1/2″ W x 22-1/4″ D x 3/4″ H
Ceramic Under-Mount Basin: 20-3/4″ W x 14″ D x 4-5/8″ H
Vanity Leg: 30″ W x 21-7/8″ D x 14-1/2″ H
Mirror: 30″ W x 7/8″ D x 31-1/2″ H
Medicine Cabinet: 12″ W x 6″ D x 31-1/2″ H
Linen Cabinet: 15″ W x 22″ D x 66-1/2″ H
Linen Cabinet Leg: 15″ W x 22″ D x 14-1/2″ H

Product Code:
Vanity: V8000 30 01 (Requires 2)
Vanity Bridge: V8000 12 01
Counter-Top: CT5000 7222 02
Ceramic Under-Mount Basin: C09 2114 (Requires 2)
Vanity Leg: L9000 30 01 (Requires 2)
Mirror: M6000 30 01 (Requires 2)
Medicine Cabinet: MC7000 12 01
Linen Cabinet: V8000 15 01
Linen Cabinet Leg: L9000 15 01

Drain: Not included.

Faucet: Not Included.


$5,600.00 $3,190.00


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Blossom 72 inch Double bathroom Vanity Set Monaco Matte White with two medicine cabinet and Linen Cabinet

Our Monaco Series offers a Versatile, Transformable & Storage Friendly Collection which has been an unanswered rising concept, until now! The Monaco Series is a modern and elegant design made to fit any homeowner whether they are relocating to bigger or smaller living spaces. The changeability of our Monaco Series allows any homeowner to remove the conventional rigid standards of vanities which are not made to fit everyone’s needs.