AQUADOM Daytona 48 inch to 36 Inch Mirror with lights

Mirror with lights 48 Inch x 36 Inch x 1.5 Inch  Daytona 3036

inch x 36 inch x 1.5 inch
Style:   Contemporary
Brand:   AQUADOM
Model: Daytona 4836
Defogger: Yes
Clock: Yes
Dimmer: Yes
Switch: Touch switch

Color led: 3D LED color (cool/warm/mixed)

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$960.00 $710.00


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Mirror with lights 48 Inch x 36 Inch x 1.5 Inch

Product Description


New and improved exciting features were added to the Aquadom Flag Ship model Daytona mirrors. The copper free silver glass mirror was increased to a whopping 5mm thickness for durability and great style. The new Daytona model will feature 3D, Triple Color Temperature Lighting (cool light, warm light, and combination of cool and warm mixed). Each light has a built-in dimmer on it. As always, our LED digital clock comes standard on all the Daytona mirrors. Of course, the Daytona model as always comes with a automatic defogger, so the mirror does not get steamed in the shower. The Daytona mirrors are now available in 12 different sizes, please make sure to view all the available sizes and select the one that suits you best.