Socimobel 24-in KRON Bathroom Vanity Color Red and White

24 Inch Modern Bathroom Vanity
Model: KRON
Company: Socimobel
Size: 24″ W x 18″ D x 23 1/2″ H
Type: Wall Mount
Drawers: 2
Popup Drain Included: No
Faucet Included: No
Mirror Included: No
Legs: No

Made in Spain 

This price of bathroom vanity is valid only in the showroom. For shipping information  please  call : 718-412-3675

$1,700.00 $1,290.00


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24-in KRON Bathroom Vanity
Give your bathroom a glamorous makeover by adding this New Bathroom Style Exclusive Modern Bathroom Vanity. This is highly luxurious bathroom vanity made in Spain.It is made out of highest quality MDF/DM material on the market. This Vanity can fit in an ultra-modern design view in your bathroom. This is wall mount bathroom vanity. There are two high gloss red drawers. The side panels are high gloss white. The sink is white color temporary glass. Complete with two spacey, slow closing system 7” deep pull out drawers. There are two chrome glossy handles one on each drawer. All drawers are 14” inches deep. The Kron bathroom vanity offers ample storage for all of your washroom necessities.

Made in Spain