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60 inch Elegant Decor VF10160 Traditional Single Bathroom Vanity In 5 Colors


48 inch Elegant Decor VF10148 Traditional Bathroom Vanity Colors Light Antique Beige, Vintage Mint, Antique White, Antique Beige


36 inch Elegant Decor VF10136 Traditional Bathroom Vanity In Four Colors


Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities in the antique style are the way to go if you prefer a more classic look. These items, also occasionally referred to as traditional bathroom vanities, have an old-world European or farmhouse design. Solid hardwood is the primary material used to create rustic bathroom vanities, including elaborate molding, carved drawers, and stone surfaces. Most country-style bathroom vanities have a cabinet-style design, which provides lots of storage space. A transitional vanity, which adheres to the construction characteristics of traditional bathroom vanities while sporting a more understated design, is an option for those who desire a more modern aesthetic without going for a wholly contemporary style. Rustic bathroom vanities are ideal for cabin, country, or ranch-style homes.

Classic bathroom vanity for your bathroom

It’s essential to remember that purchasing bathroom vanities involves more than simply the vanity’s style and dimensions. Some traditional double vanity comes with installed countertops and faucets, making installation quicker and more efficient. Others lack a sink or countertop. More personalization is possible, but don’t forget to get the other components! At New Bathroom Style, we have thousands of vanities, both with and without countertops, to suit your needs. Lastly, ensure the hues, textures, and design of your bathroom vanities coordinate with the rest of the room’s decor. An ideal bathroom vanity will appear and function after considering all these criteria.

Make your choice of traditional sink vanity

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